• This new plugin is absolutely useless, they took all the great part o the plugin and made it into a paid version, they hide behind functionally but it is just an ordinary moneygrab.

    I would have been okay with that if the new plugin wasn’t just utter garbage and is not even worth the digital space it uses.

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    *Reads. OK.*

    See the number of stars above? It defaults to 5 and you rated this plugin that way while leaving some unflattering text.

    You can fix the text or start or both here.


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    Which version of our plugin did you used in the past?

    Your comment is highly inaccurate:

    Any version of our plugin, after the 2.0 version, has the same functionality as we did in the 1.8 version (we call this “the old functionality”).

    Nothing has changed in terms of functionality: users can create their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Short codes have been added in 2.3 version as well.

    (In addition to the above, users who upgrade from 1.8 to any 2.0+ version of the plugin still have access to the old functionality as we provide backward compatibility.)

    Any version of the plugin after 2.0 is changed to support additional features: editing the agreement, cookie notice etc. These were not part of the old functionality. Of course, some of these features need a license (one-time only).

    But — whatever we had in the old functionality of the plugin remains absolutely free.

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