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  • We all know that upgrades have to be done, but we also all know that they are very tedious.

    Now there is a plugin that will automatically handle upgrades for you! It is called InstantUpgrade and is available as Free Software (GPLed).

    You just select your desired WP version and push the button — done. Ok… before the first run, you have to take five minutes of preparing you WP installation for it (due to file permissions), but every subsequent upgrade will only take a few seconds.

    Have fun!

    Btw, translators are very welcome.

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  • Niiiice. I’m hesitant to try it though. What directories does it overwrite?

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    It overwrites wp-admin/ and wp-includes/ (language packs are preserved, though). Then it overwrites a couple of files in the WP base directory: index.php, xmlrpc.php, all wp-* (except wp-config.php), license.txt and readme.html.

    I installed this plugin today, and now can’t access my blog [ ]at all. I get a 500 Internal Server Error . Obviously I did something wrong.

    When I first activated the plugin, I was looking at the Manage>Instant Upgrade, reading through the options/directions. I got to the bottom, the “Fed Up with InstantUpgrade?” section. I saw the Change File Modes button, but when I hovered my cursor over it, it didn’t seem like an actual button. Like a newb, I clicked to see what would happen. Well, what happened was my blog broke. I guess now I don’t have owner rights to the files or something? I checked the folders via ftp, and Owner is set to Read-Write-Execute; Group and All Users are set to Read-Execute.

    I backed up the blog before activating the plugin, fortunately. So I followed the directions at The sql database was successfully reimported/reinstalled – I can see it in mySql and via FTP. But I’m still getting the 500 Internal Server Error.

    Obviously I’m in a bit over my head here, and shouldn’t have messed around with something I didn’t know for sure what it did.

    Any ideas?

    I figured it out. By checking the error logs at my server, I discovered which files were causing errors. The errors were that certain files were “writable by others” So I checked the access settings on those individual files at the server, and reset the permissions. Then I deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes folders at the server, and re-uploaded “fresh” folders.

    It appears everything is working fine now, and no more errors.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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