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  • Image Killer is a filter plugin that replaces images in a post with links to the images, with the alt text attributes of the images as the links’ text. Users’ preferences to disable or enable the feature are tracked with a cookie. It was originally conceived as a way to lighten the load for visitors with dialup connections, but it has many other uses, which I hope you’ll share with me/us :-).

    To install the plugin, just download the archive, unpack it, and upload the PHP file (and the read me, maybe) to your WP plugins directory and active from the Admin panel. Please note, however, that Image Killer requires you to call two functions in your template/s in order to function at all.

    Call the function killer_cookie() in your header template before any other <head> code. Call the function killer_prefs() wherever you like (I’d suggest your sidebar template) to allow your visitors to enable or disable Image Killer.

    That’s all for now; I hope someone finds this useful :-).

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