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  • This plugin produces frameable versions of individual pages with links that point back to the standard version of a blog. I wrote it with the idea of allowing pure HTML cut and paste syndication.

    The basic functionality is that of a theme switcher (to a frameable theme). It also adds target=_top to links so clicking on a link breaks out of the frame. Additionally, it provides some functions for linking to the frameable version or generating HTML to cut and paste.

    Examples, documentation and download.

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  • It validates too, good job =)

    The examples on my site do not validate as XHTML, but that should be fixable.

    Weird, it validated fine when I checked it.

    How did you validate it? complains about form elements without action attributes, the placing of the form elements for both examples. In the case of the example on Investment Ideas it also complains about the use of a literal ampersand instead of &

    Anyway I am impressed someone took the trouble to check! Its very reassuring to know that the community is good at spotting mistakes.

    I just validated the page that your plugin was on.

    Yes, we have a very good community around us =)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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