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  • Basicly here is what I am working on:
    A picture gallery that supports multiple galleries
    photo-commentary by the poster
    nice admin-function to comment photo’s (and create galleries etc.)

    Basicly if you have any ideas on what you would like in there or would be handy please let me know./ Currently working on the ALFA Phase version so no download or anything is available but it is always good to have information in ahead 🙂 🙂

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  • Will it be implented in WordPress? Like a new site? That would be really nice 😀

    Will it be possible for users to comment on the photos? If so, please make a function so you can turn off user comments on certain pictures!

    1. Thumb support for GIF, JPG, PNG.
    2. Attach thumb to post, appearing in a box float:left/right inside post (usually the beginning, but also can be added inside with a tag), with separate CSS styles. Click leads to image in gallery
    3. The ability to download images from URL. I am running a gaming blog and I would greatly benefit from the ability to upload screenshots from official websites with the host’s superior speed rather than having to download and upload by hand.
    4. The ability to attach a watermark over images.
    5. I guess some copyright-touchy people (photographs, etc.) could benefit from Flash preloader with internal watermarking (some effect that puts watermark over).

    1 – the ability to upload and store photo files across several folders rather than being restricted to having to upload everything into one single large folder.

    2 – photo program to have the ability to retrieve photo files that are uploaded and stored in a folder that is located outside of the program’s main install folder (in other words – anywhere on the server).

    3 – option to allow photo file names (beach_01.jpg) to be displayed in the gallery – saves having to manually enter a name for each photo file.

    4 – ability to have thumbnails spread across several linked (and numbered) pages.

    5 – don’t overload the program with stuff that few people will ever use – coppermine for example is too bloated with non essential features – stick with the basic requirements.

    The main gallery page to display all the links to the gallery (like Gallery) We can have the gallery description beside the gallery thumbnail.

    Will try and implement some features in the basic-first release other items will come in later features.

    @rvblog -> I will first make the version have each gallery hold its own folder in 1 “main” gallery folder. (so you have ../gallery that holds a folder for each gallery) I will work on that part later on (a function to create a gallery with a non-existend folder, just with photo’s you select across your folders)

    Still working on the thumbnail-part. Currently I am just using the same image as the “larger” version (ie <img src=”blablabla” height=110>) This will however use increased bandwith. This VS the fact that I need to create thumbs wich uses CPU-power / time….

    I am thinking, if there will be an option for auto cropping of thumbnail?

    I need to fiddle out something good for the thumbnailing…..

    Just get a thumbnail library, or create one, they’re not that difficult.

    Do a check if the thumbnail doesnt exist, create it, simple as that.

    What I am going to make / do is create thumbnails when you aprove / upload files and store those in the DB.

    That is possible for jpg, gif, bmp and png files with PHP3+

    I’m also looking for a good but clean gallerysystem for two years now, so here are my thoughts of what I would consider ideal (to my needs anyway):

    1. Multiple galleries, also sub-sub-sub galleries if needed (like: “animals” => “cats” => “mickey” => “asleep”), displayed as thumbs or textlinks.
    2. It would be nice if the images would be saved in the same manner on the server, in differently named folders (would be easier to delete them when deleting a certain category of images.
    3. Gallerypages with the option of a certain number of columns and thumbs per page (max. longest side, so the images always have the same proportion: 125×80 or 80×125 px) with short name/description beneath them. Paging and breadcrumbtrail on top of page.
    4. Clicking on one of the thumbs to display the larger image in a popup to keep in ‘contact’ with the thumbnailpage and avoiding unneccessary scrolling in case of larger images.

    Personally I don’t need al that exiff information or comments from viewers. Just a clean and quick way to browse through images with as little ‘garbage’ around it as possible. And integrated inside my wordpress <div id=”content”> of course. 🙂

    ability to rotate pictures, and ability to upload zip files.

    And usage is to be able to select multiple pictures at one go and choice of thumbnail size(small, medium, large) to go into the post.

    What about this I posted it on the wordpress plugin competition site.
    The ability to attach images to posts and display them elsewhere in a site, I think would be great. So you could have a random post but represented by an image.

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