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  • I’m hoping that this hasn’t been done before, if so let me know.

    I’ve been wanting to be able to set the location of my RSS/Atom feeds without having to change the template files, so that if/when I change templates I don’t have to always update the files. I use feedburner for my feeds, so I need to have the links point there rather than the default locations.

    So I’ve written a small plugin that will allow the admin to set the urls for the different feed locations when bloginfo(‘rss_url’); is called. You can get it from here. You can use it to change the locatons of these feeds:

    • rss_url (RSS .92)
    • rdf_url (RDF, RSS 1.0)
    • rss2_url (RSS 2.0)
    • atom_url (Atom 0.3)
    • comments_rss2 (Comments RSS2.0 feed)
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