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  • Previously the Google Video Plugin The Extreme Video Plugin Now has the following features:

    1. You Tube Support
    2. Google Advanced Player Support
    3. Support for any FLV
    4. Quick time MOV Support
    5. J.S. for Full screen and Flash 7 Detection
    6. Code Reorganization for plugin support.
    7. “Pageless” Full Screen Javascript PopUps
    8. Customizable Classes for each video type

    You can simply add Video to your WordPress blog now with
    [gv data=’_dataString’ width=’width’ height=’height’][/gv]

    Data String can be various things from the path to a google video to the full path to a FLV, to a YouTube Video Code.

    Anyone previousing using the Google Video Plugin can upgrade to this plugin without any changes to there posts. Please visit the site and read the upgrade instructions.

    For more Details and to download this stuff go here:

    Extreme Video Plugin

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  • Good Job !

    This plugin rocks!

    Awesome additions to the first product! Great job Ross. 🙂

    Congratulations on a beauty of a plug-in.

    Question #1:
    Is there a way to prevent a Quicktime linked to my own server from pre-loading each time my page it hit?

    Logic #1:
    If I have a large Quicktime on my front page, every visitor gets delivery whether or not a.) They’ve seen it before or b.)They don’t care to watch it.

    Question #2:
    Can it be made to hold a .WMV?

    Logic #2:
    I have several pre-existing WMV videos before deciding those were unpopular things. I can convert them to MOVs, but if all Quicktimes are pre-loading, I don’t think I want to do that the way my blog is presently set-up.


    Thanks for this great plugin!

    Looks good!! *thumbs up*

    Could someone help a rookie out here and explain exactly what I am supposed to do to line 101 in detail? Thanks.

    Version 2.1 is out. Sorry everyone for so many downloads. 2.1 fixes Apsey’s issues. MOV and FLV files are now covered with a proxy image.

    By including a MOV you are actually going to see a quick time logo with text stating click here to view. Once the user clicks the video is actually brought up. This is a very important fix, and I am very glad someone brought it to my attention.

    There is also a new flvPlayer to mimic the same thing. It makes sure the movie isnt download everytime anyone hits your site :).

    Version 2.1 is located in the same place
    download here: Extreme Video 2.1

    There were also some problems actually viewing MOVs and FLVS in IE that have been resolved.

    Sorry to be so confusing I wish i could have made it more straight forward. Also after you download version 2.1 you now need to edit line 104 not line 101 🙂

    The first step is to download the flvplayer.swf from my server you can get it from the link above. Once you have downloaded the SWF copy it over to your website anywhere.

    Lets say your website is and you copy the player into the root of your website. You should now be able to access the flvPlayer by browseing to

    You can put this file in any folder if you rather so it is something like
    Once you have the URL to the SWF file that is what you need to update line 104 with for example the line should look like:


    You are just telling the plug-in where it can find a local FLV player. I hope this helped. Also these steps are only if you wish to use FLV files directly with this plugin.

    I apologize again for the updates, hopefully there wont be any issues with this one! Please keep me updated and I will do my best to correct any problems.

    As for WMV files I will look into including them but it wont take very high priority as I dont really see them being used very much anymore, they did kinda die out.

    Thanks to everyone for using this plug-in!

    Quick updates guys the Extreme Video Plugin is now 100% XHTML 1.0 compliant. For each type of file


    Full Screen popup windows are also Compliant. Check it out 🙂 upgrading is easy!

    Version 2.2 of Extreme Video Plugin was XHTML 1.0 Transitional Compliant.

    I just released 2.3 which is 1.0 Strict. If you are extremly in need of keeping your site 1.0 Strict you can download the new one.

    This is an awesome plugin. Thanks a lot!

    support vsocial and um…dailymotion like this plugin:

    Video Blogger Plugin for WordPress, aka Vlogger, aka Vlog plugin.

    My friend Max just put it to good use on his site. It looks sick!


    One note: The fullscreen link should be under the video. Looks classier that way.

    Thanks much!

    will the plugin remain in Beta or will it become stable anytime soon?


    I just looked into those services. They should be easy to include. I also have requests to include WMF, AVI, and MPEG files. I am going to try my best to get them all included


    I would love to make it stable, but it will stay beta as I add more file formats and services. Once I feel I have made everyone happy with formats I will just worry about stability. Though the current release is very stable for the services and formats it supports, if you are looking to use it.

    Any other additions please lemme know I would love to get this stable.

    Thanks for the support everyone…..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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