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  • Hi everyone! This is my first WP plugin, hope you dig it 🙂

    Enrique’s Rating System allows you AND your readers to post a rating/rank/etc. to whatever item you define (movies, books, etc.). Current options include showing short, full or no output (main page only, always shows full on single posts) and user-defined CSS. It also (hopefully) prevents users from submitting a rating for the same item more than once within a preset time (3 days).

    For now the plugin only supports text-based ratings, I’m hoping to implement image-based ratings soon. The scale is hard-coded 0 to 5 for now as well.

    I’m expecting there to be bugs and code that could be better-written since I’m a coding novice 🙂 so by all means let me know. Any tips for formatting stuff like the options page, etc. would be great too.

    Direct link to the plugin:

    To use, simply put in the plugin directory and activate. Options will appear under “Options > ERS Options”. The plugin installs 2 tables, prefix_ratings and prefix_ratings_cache. There is also an option in prefix_options called “ers_settings”. There isn’t yet code to remove these (sorry! working on it!) so you’ll have to do it manually if you want to fully remove the plugin.

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  • Enrique

    Sorry – couldn’t find your ratings facility on .


    I’m not sure I understand… where you looking to download the plugin in my /moviereviews/ directory, or where you looking to see it in action there?

    If it’s the first, the link I provided in the original post is the only place to download it. If it’s the second, it’s activated but shows nothing since none of the posts have been rated yet.

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