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  • I created a plugin called “Current Music” (similar to the Live Journal feature). I hacked at the plugins “Current Mood” and “Scrobbler” and compiled it into one steaming piece. The outcome is something like this:

    Upon making a new post, it checks Last.FM’s RSS Feed for the specified username. It grabs the first one listed and if it’s been played within the last 20 minutes, it adds it to the post.

    Here’s what’s left to do:

    – Allow Current Music entries to be deleted or edited
    – Make it work consistently
    – Store data as a delimited string in DB and then explode upon display; don’t store it pre-formatted.
    – Initialize properly and safely
    – More error handling
    – Fix things I did incorrectly
    – Standardize function names and variables
    – Make it themable?
    – Remove my info and put yours!

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