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  • I’ve made a new plugin called CommentLuv to spread the luv to your loyal readers!

    CommentLuv appends the authors last blog post to their comment before saving it to the database. It can parse a WordPress, Blogspot or Typepad feed found in the default location, if one doesn’t exist there, it parses the comment authors page for a feedburner feed and uses that instead.

    version 0.8 is available at

    I made it with WordPress 2.2 in mind, it’s been tested on a few different blogs and it’s working well!

    just download, unzip, upload, activate. no template editing required.

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  • This plugin apparently doesn’t work with my site. I’m using 2.3.3 and maybe SezWho is interfearing. {shrug}

    I have a problem with commentluv.
    i use feedblndr to mix 5 feeds into one feed. and put it on my mainpage.
    the problem is the feed will contain additional tag of

          <title>EimsNetwork - Me Blogging Anything</title>
          <link href="" type="text/html" rel="alternate"/>

    and the commentluv will combine both link to my latest post with the link to the source page altogether. as the result, the link wont work. can u do something to make commentluv do exception for the < source> tag.

    When pulling the latest post (“Oh! Gravity.”) from, CommentLuv only outputs the opening link tag followed by “Oh!”; the last half of the title as well as the closing link tag are omitted. Does CommentLuv have a problem with explanation points or is there another problem here?

    The style tag is missing type=”text/css” so it doesn’t validate with W3C. I also spotted something odd with a spam comment that came in. Half of the plugin code was attached to it. I deleted it so I can’t show it to you. If I get another one, I will. I’m using 1.3.

    Yeah me too, with the latest version, it shows all the code of the plugin, I left it online so you can check:

    I went back and manually edited the comments to take out the coding cause it was tacky, so you can’t see it, but I’m having the same problem [as cogmios] as of yesterday (4.17.08] afternoon. Is there a way to fix it?

    I can’t get it to work. I tried the debug advice and got no message or nothing.

    I’m currently ruining the stats word press mod and a custon template!

    Any advice?

    sorry about the plugin posting the code instead of the last blog post, it was due to me switching to a dedicated server and the feed parsing file wasn’t being executed because it had an extension of php5 and the server wasn’t configured to run them as php. everything should be back to normal now

    This is one of the best plugin for wordpress ever.

    I still can’t get it to work can anyone have a look?

    I know this is an old post, but I noticed my comments to articles on blogs using this plugin do not work. I did some Googling and have found this is an issue with a lot of other people as well. My feed is correctly placed in the head section of my blog code so there’s no problem there. I have also turned off the Item Link Clicks parameters in FeedBurner so all my feed titles now have direct link to my posts.

    The blogs and/or sites where I post comments seem to have varied results – some will post one of my blog posts (an old one) but not the latest, some will not provide a link at all, and others with stick my blog URL in place of my name (both in the title and the blog URL link). On sites that provide an edit function I have to go in and manually fix this, which seems kind of ridiculous.

    Just wondering if anyone here at WP might have some answers for us.


    a lot of improvements have been made to the plugin over the past 6 months and a lot of blogs don’t seem to update very often. With the new features in wp2.7 hopefully this will be resolved and everyone will use the latest version.

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