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  • m1sterd


    Hi everyone, I just created my first plugin! Since this is my first, please be kind.. : )

    First : it is a beta version.

    It’s called Category Manager and allows one to easily handle categories : order, parent, create, edit, delete.

    It adds a new column called category-position to the WordPress Categories function.

    Documentation is here:

    The plugin is available here:

    I hope you will like it!

    Remeber it is a beta version. There’s still a lot to do.


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  • Kuryna


    I was very pleased to hear that you invented an easier way to manage categories, however it does not seem to want to work with my wordpress. I’m using 2.0, and I keep getting an error at the top of my administration panel saying:

    “WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘category_position’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, category_position FROM wp_categories WHERE category_parent=0 ORDER BY category_position”

    and then when I check my category editting page, nothing has changed. As I go to disable the plugin, it does disable itself but not before I get a blank page once again stating:

    “WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘category_position’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, category_position FROM wp_categories WHERE category_parent=0 ORDER BY category_position”

    The plugins that I am currently using (and was using as I enabled your plugin) are Digital Fingerprint, FCKeditor, DB manager, Limit Categories, No-ip, Post Views, Post Ratings, Role Manager, Online User Display, Userpic/avatars, Userextra.

    I hope some of that helps, and good luck on your plugin.



    Ok thank you for your answer, I am gonna look into that. You’re the second person to tell me about that error, even though I do not get it myself. I let you know as soon as I find a solution.





    I’ve been trying all the plugins you mentionned, and discovered quite a few nice ones doing that, but I could not identify the source of the problem. I simply don’t understand why that column can’t be added. I’ve made a few changes though, and maybe it works now… Who knows? Since I can’t manage to get it to fail here, it’s tough to find where the error comes from.

    I’ll keep looking



    Ok! I found the problem. Please download the plugin, it should work now. The problem was due to a stupid error from me. To activate the plugin, I had written my code in such a way that the plugin had to be in a directory called ‘category-management’ in the plugins/ directory in order to get activated. Now, it may go as well in the plugins/ directory without subdirectory. However, no other directory is allowed. I’m gonna write that on my insctructions page right away.





    I just put version 1.1 online, which includes a few corrections as well as three new options :

    – Choose whether or not to display post count
    – Choose whether or not to display empty categories
    – Choose the hierarchy level to display

    The options that were already available are :

    – Order categories
    – Create a category
    – Delete a category
    – Change a category’s parent
    – Change a category’s name
    – Change a category’s description

    Please see for the plugin.

    And please let me know what you think of it!



    would this solve my problem here?



    Well your problem seems to me to be more about permalinks or something like that, but I am not quite sure to have understood it fully. However, you can always try the plugin to see if it helps you…



    Is this the latest version? Nov 18 01:06 / Size: 25564 Bytes

    So cute size… I give it a try with my 2.0.4 version here…

    Your plugin solved my problem. My default install of WordPress would not allow me to create catagoies. I installed your plugin, created a catagory, then deactived the plugin and I could then create catagories the correct way. Yeah! thanks.

    Is there way you can add the feature where it does not show the child on the front page?

    For example Category “Cars” and someone clicks on cars, it shows child category “blue cars”, “red cars” underneath the “Cars”?

    Hi D, I started using your plugin and I rally liked it. It solved a problem I had with creating new categories so I must thank you twice! The only problem I’m having is that when I enable it, it sort of “melts” all my categories into one for wordpress. What I mean is the plugin sees the categories as several ones, but when I’m browsing the post management view or the categories column in the main page it’s just one long category with all the names there repeated as many times as categories I have. What would you suggest?, because I’m forced to disable the plugin all the time if I want to display cats in the main page… Thanks! Diego (check my sites and

    I’ve had better luck with beta’s than this version…

    this plugin is very nice. but it is not compatible with WP 2.2.1
    It makes the categories duplicate themselves. (and the category parent to be all the categories at once)

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