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  • Andy, you are my hero! Thank you so very much!!!


    This plug-in has ended my obsessive quest to see the little alt text say “Updated”, so I am quite pleased with it!

    However, I did have to make a change within the plugin to get it to work, I’m running WordPress version 2.0.1, but I really have no idea what difference the change makes, I just know it makes this plug-in work for me.

    Change line 71 (the WHERE part of the query) to the following:
    WHERE link_name = "'.$wpdb->escape($rss->items[$i]['title']).'"

    I have no idea if this is a problem only I am having with it for whatever reason, but perhaps it’s worth a try if everything is right but the DB just doesn’t get any times updated. DOn’t forget to back-up the plug-in before you edit it.


    Wow, this looks like something I’ve been waiting for for a while!

    Is there a way to make this plugin work with the stock WP links manager?

    I don’t use


    My quick and dirty solution was to download the link export script and then just use Blogrollings import feature – just point it to the exporter URL and it should import. I have no idea if it automatically updates it or not though, hence why it’s quick (it really is) but dirty (updating could be a pain).


    Hmmmm. Then if I change links I’ll have to redo it…

    Not really the kind of fix I was looking for, but thanks.


    So if you don’t use blogrolling it won’t help correct? I just add my links straight thru wordpress to my blog.

    I was under the impression it wont help…

    If you export your links via the script I references above, you can import those into Blogrolling.

    I fully admit that this is a very undesirable situation. Unfortunately, there has been no replies from Ping-O-Matic regarding these problems and when or if they will be solved (at least not that I’ve found, and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time looking!).

    Perhaps being more vocal about this unacceptable lack of communication and the non-availability of the service. The Ping-O-Matic blog might be a good place to post to, though any comment attempts asking these questions have never been allowed or replied to.

    Regardless of who is the master-mind of Ping-O-Matic, the choice is simple: if Ping-O-Matic is incapable of providing the service it is supposed to, it should not be included in WordPress, period. Either find a service that does work or remove the option all together, so no one will have the expectation of it. Though I am hardly a programmer, I’ve been attempting to unify a few of these types of plug-ins together. There are a few older plug-ins which query things like or can read RSS feeds from other services, however none of these seem to work on WP 2.0.X. If there are any PHP geniuses around, I think this would be a great problem to help solve 🙂


    I agree with niziol: If pingomatic won’t be fixed, then the update-links function should be dropped.

    Ok I did the whole export/import of links to blogrolling and then setup the plugin. Not only does it not seem to be doing anything but when I delete blogs from the list it doesn’t change it on my site…is it supposed to or am I missing the whole point?

    I agree with niziol: If pingomatic won’t be fixed, then the update-links function should be dropped

    Or another service should be used… I like this feature and don’t feel it should be dropped completely.

    I too would like to see the feature work, but if it can not be made functional, it should be dropped, as this may create some motivation for someone to create a plug-in to replace it.

    It appears that Ping-O-Matic has acquired some new servers, hopefully this may fix up the problem. If anyone finds a fix for this or if any PHP guru wants to write a plug-in, I think a lot of people would be very happy! 🙂

    What service to use, though? It used to, but it got to the point where it was down as often as it was up.

    I’m really not sure. The plug-in that Andy commissioned is th e only one that seems to work with 2.0+. There are a few others, but none seem to work with 2.0, I’m sure if you’d sit down and go at them for awhile, they could be made to work, but I haven’t had time to do that yet.

    Maybe I’ll give it a go again this weekend and see if I can’t butcher the code enough for it to “work”. If anyone else has any suggestions, I think we’re all eyes!


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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