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  • Hey guys, I’ve just completed (?) my first plugin: an AJAX shoutbox, which enables users to chat without refreshing the page. I’ve got a working example at

    Now, I’m looking for alpha (beta?) testers to help me debug and give suggestions. I’ve already tested it on my blog and a fresh kubrick install.

    Download the .zip here:

    I’ve included a readme.txt with complete installation instructions. When I move this out of beta, I’ll probably be posting an entry on my blog about it, but for now I’d just like to show it to people adventurous enough for beta plugins. I eventually hope to submit this to the WordPress Plugins competition, so I’m eager to hear any suggestions/improvements you have, both code and concept.

    Thanks! -Andrew

    [ edit ] Posted a blog entry for this shoutbox plugin [/ edit ]

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  • Very nice indeed. I’ll have a play around with it on my sandbox…

    Andrew, this works well! I have no reason to install since my blog is so new it’ll get no use yet, but this plug a very fun addition to the list of WP add-ons. I think you just raised the bar for anyone thinking of building plugs for a future competition!

    There’s a typo in your readme file:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/wp-content/plugins/live-shoutbox/scripts.js"></script>
    should be
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/wp-content/plugins/wordspew/fatAjax.js"></script>

    Very very impressed with it. Good job Andrew and thanks for sharing!

    Well, I’m glad to see everyone likes it so much…

    I’ve made a couple of fixes which are part of the download now…

    So, has anyone actually gotten it up and running? Or are you just admiring its beauty :-p ?

    I have it running @ just to see how it works.

    All seems ok so far Jaleneck 🙂

    So is this the final release?

    Just FYI
    I turned mine off as I received a notification from my host saying this and another file were the cause of placing a heavy load on the server.

    oh, thats understandable…

    this script checks every 4 seconds by default,

    you can change this by finding this line in fatAjax.php:

    setTimeout(‘receiveChatText();’,4000); //executes the next data query in 4 seconds

    Change 4000 to a greater length and it will place less stress on the server.

    I think future versions will have an admin screen to set this and many other things..

    I got mine working.One question how do i style it?

    well in the latest version there is a css.php file in the plugin…that is where you can style it. It’s better that way so that if you deactivate the plugin you won’t be loading the css for it too.

    I think there are a few problems with css specificity in the current version vs. some templates…


    In the (future) admin panel, will it be possible to moderate the messages ?

    Anyway, thank you for this work.

    Yea, it’s in the plans…for now I’ve run into some problems with the AJAX stuff…there’ll be a new version soon, similar to the one actually in my blog as opposed to the one available for download. Also, it is fully fixed for safari

    New version 0.5 released…many fixes and a new feature!

    The Ajax Shoutbox

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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