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  • Indeed, I didn’t put too much (read: no) effort into validating the HTML output.

    This will change with the new version, where the form will be valid XHTML 1.1 and semantically more correct.

    basketball: The relevance thing is a big mystery of MySQL… but you can have the value shown.

    Put something like the following into the Loop in your search.php

    Relevance: <?php echo round($post->score, 2) * 100; ?>

    As for the any/all issue: I’ll remove the three fields in the next version. Instead there will be only one, and it will be possible to arbitrarily use all of MySQL’s boolean operators.

    Boolean operators in wordpress search!
    That would be P-I-M-P!! =D

    That would be great! =)

    I would also like to suggest an optional CSS file to custom the page? Just a suggestion, not sure whether it would be useful or not =x

    Hey guys…
    I’ve got news for you, good news! 😀

    Truth: I’ve included a CSS snippet, but I’d love to see yours, too.

    A lot of great improvements, I really think that WordPress should look into incorporating this into a future release 🙂 Thanks for an awesome plugin bud!

    Your plugin is wonderful! I’m no good with CSS or PHP, but I was able to set it up with relative ease. Now, I can finally find what I actually want =)

    Glad you like it, guys. 🙂

    basketball: I see you created a beautiful template. May I link your advanced search page as show case on my site?

    Ok added you… (even despite your Google Ads ;-)). Really nice implementation, I hope inspires others to make a customized search form.

    Btw, for all Spanish speakers: Since tonight, there is a Spanish localization available as additional download.

    Haha thanks dude, love the description: “a lightweight and stylish version” 😉

    Once again, a new version is available!

    There’s only one improvement, however: the plugin features multicolor search term highlighting now. This functionality can be easily customized (and even turned off! ;-)).

    Upgrading from previous versions is possible without any problems.

    Read more:

    Btw, a demo is now also available on my site.

    Have a sample or play for yourself

    Hey Mastermind. I love the plugin and had my site upgraded to PHP5 just to try it out. If I can get it to work it is exactly what I need. I do have one question. I am currently using Photopress for my pictures and it just brings up a big Red X when I try it out. You can see it here: Can I edit the code and fix this somehow? Any suggestions? Perhaps editing the location of the pictures? Danke sehr!!

    Hello Jeff,

    seems you confused my plugins? You’re certainly talking about the ContuttoPDF plugin. 😉

    The problem with the pictures is (as far as I can see) that you’re site is at, while the pictures are referenced from (without www). The plugin has a security option not to include stuff from other domains. This also applies to pictures.

    If you want the pictures to be shown, you can either remove the domain from the images’ URIs (which I would suggest) or you can open the file dompdf/ and set DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE to true (which is potentially dangerous).

    Please let me know if it helps.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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