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  • Intriguing! Do you have it in action on your blog?



    No, it’s written so badly and I don’t want to mess up my site. 😉

    No, just kidding. The problem is that my sites are much to small so that search would be too funny.

    I have installed it on a bigger site, but I have yet to tune the CSS for it. But you can have a look, if you want:

    A screenshot of the form in the Kubrick theme is available from here:

    (Don’t let yourself irritate by the German; it’s fully gettexted.)

    Ah, thank you. Very cool! I’ll be playing with your plugin on one of my sites soon. 🙂

    (fortunately, i read German a lot better than I speak it!)



    An english screenshot is now available, too.

    Hope you’ll like the plugin. 🙂

    Only issues I’ve seen so far is that the last link, in the last bullet on the page for “feature” is borked on my site.
    You can see it

    (no, I’ve not actually done any styling yet — soon!)



    Yeah, stupid me… I have escaped the quotes with a backslash in the plugin file.

    This had also caused a problem with the German localisation, and it is already fixed.

    You can either remove the backslashes before the double quotes in advancedsearch.php, line 186, or you can download the corrected version.

    Awesome. I made the change and it works delightfully.

    Is there an alternate download link? Site seems to be down right now



    Yes, there was a power failiure in the data center and my server is down right now. (*grrrrr*!)

    It should be back in one or two hours.



    Ok, the site is back online, and all downloads are available again.

    Great plugin, lot of awesome features, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me?

    ie) When I try to search “pages” only, it shows a ton of posts, when I try to exclude a category I still get posts from that category in the results. 🙁

    Is their a certain configuration that you need your database to be in? It doesn’t seem to be working at all for me.

    – The any, all, none, fields have no effect on the search results.
    – It doesn’t seem to be able to include certain categories, or exclude any
    – The “include results from” section doesn’t filter out things that aren’t checked

    The sort by date, ascending / descending seems to work well though.



    Hi basketball,

    the any/all problem I could reproduce. This is an obvious bug I’ll have to fix. Thanks for pointing out.

    But the categories can be excluded: When I search for “Bryant”, I get posts from “Basketball” while when I deactivate this category, I get nothing.

    The “include results from” does not actively exclude, but it silently ignores. E.g. if a post is in two categories, and one is unselected for search, the post will still be found.

    Ahh I think the one big problem I was having is that I wanted to see how well the relevance thing was working so I selected all the categories and chose “OR”. Basically if you do that, it just brings up every single post on your website and the results were kinda messed up and far too inclusive.

    I think I am going to use a “truncated” version of the plugin which just has the category choices, sorting, and display options, which is basically what I have been looking for in a search plugin for ages! =D

    I’m using this on my site and would say it’s great, but the form aren’t valid XHTML though =x if it is, it would be great. =]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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