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  • I’d welcome some critique of my new wordpress blog. I am a Manchester Photographer and would appreciate some comments on how to improve the site. My main site has been produced in a bespoke CMS and I would like to have had it produced in WordPress but the designer/developer had some design/technical issues with gallery and layout. Not sure if this was a slight copout?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Your site looks very good. Simple theme, easy navigation, pleasing colors…well done.

    Good luck,

    Very nice

    Your blog and the site, both looks very good. However, configuring your homepage with your blog and making it wordpress is not exactly a problem. Hire someone else and get it done, that is if you want to. It looks good anyway.

    Another suggestion, why not make your blog on the same domain, will be just good enough. It is easy to promote your blog and your site if they are on the same domain.

    here are a few things you can improve on:

    1) Just checked few of your blog posts, the text of your posts are almost of the same color as your background. Perhaps a deeper shade of black for your text will make it more readable.

    2) I like the way you have used the social media, the facebook comment integration, the member widget of the fan page on the sidebar and twitter link, all of these things are great. Would suggest you to add a few social buttons on the blog posts, for example the facebook share, google+1, stumbleupon etc.

    overall you got an excellent blog and a nicely designed site,
    keep it updated,

    Thanks for all the comments/feedback.
    AdsensePlugin – I’ll take a look at the colour of the font. This is something the designer decided upon, I did change it on either the blog or the website I’m sure as I did recognise this issue, so I’ll take another look.

    The reason I used separate domains and hosting for the blog and main website was to help in promoting the main site. I can obviously post relevant SEO’d content and anchor text backlinks to the main site. However initially I wanted the whole site/blog as one WordPress site. I recognise that the main site does not have search engine friendly URLs, which is a downside.

    Thanks again everyone.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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