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  • I’m an avid photographer and have been a long time contemplating a web site to show my work and to post photo blogs of events shortly after they occur. I also wanted to solicit feedback from other enthusiasts. I didn’t want to create a site from the ground floor up as I would be spending more time tinkering with code rather than out taking photos.

    I finally decided on WordPress 2.7 and have spent the past couple of months reviewing various plugins to create a site that was visually compelling and different from other photography websites.

    So here it is

    I would be glad to share how I implemented (Cooliris, Shadowbox JS, NextGen Gallery). The solution was not without code… just some simple html with tables to format thumnails and text in some of the posts.

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  • Wanted to mention that the site renders best with most version if IE including IE8, Firefox and Safari. I wish there was a version of Cooliris for Goolge Chrome but I guess you can’t have everything…. If you don’t have Cooliris installed it’s a must… it has to be the best 3D gallery wall out there and great for sorting through 100’s of photos like I have in the events section of my site.


    I can’t believe others have not asked you to share how you created your site.

    I would be interested in knowing how you created it, especially the front page. The header and menu are very well done.

    If you get a chance, please give us details how you did it.

    cool website & great design!

    Wow, this post was resurrected somehow.

    I must say that some of the features are just outright impressive.

    BTW, Cooliris is available for Chrome now!

    This is pretty fabulous. I’d like to hear more.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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