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  1. zerokarma
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've started a new website/blog for my photography, it will mainly be focused on the area I live Caledon, Ontario, Canada.


    I've posted a few my photos on it already, I would appreciate any comments.

  2. maryklein
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I came across your very nice web blog, zerokarma, I was impressed by your "Turtle" photos, I have lived and worked in Caledon for over 30 years and I drive all of the back roads every week, and for years we have been shoving these little creatures out of harms way, many including the common mud turtle. Many of the side roads have recently been paved, increasing fatality rates. It is comforting to note that many residents also feel a sense of loss as I do, as they also help these creatures survive. Did you know that almost 100 injured snapping and painted turtles were turned into the Toronto Wildlife Society last year, which must be an awesome burden, for those volunteer folks who love and work for the rehabilation of injured animals and birds in the GTA. They also need our financial support. But.....

    I find it difficult to understand how some drivers intentionally run over these little fellows and your comments on your blog are entirely correct when you question some driver's motives.

    Keep up your good work zerokarma, by the way, I also don't like the idea of shooting our "wild turkeys" here in Caledon, they so much add to the beauty and scenic diversity of the beautiful Caledon Hills.

    Mary Klein

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