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  1. professionalsql
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I set up my wordpress site a while ago, but didn't have time then to finish it. I'm looking to get it done now and get people pointed at it, but have run into a problem. It's a fantastico install, and I just used Fantastico to upgrade to 2.6.5 before I logged into the site to polish things out and push it out to the organization I'm going to use WordPress for. I have, however, run into a problem - it wouldn't accept the password I gave it (and I knew what it was). So, I reset the password, and it mailed me a link to reset the password. The problem is that the link takes me to a page that simply says to check my mail for a new password - but I never get that mail. So, I would seem to have a reset password, but no way to get said password. I'd rather not have to totally uninstall and reinstall, as I have a fair amount of work into the configuration. Any ideas why I would get the mail with the link to reset the password, but then wouldn't get the subsequent mail with the new password?



  2. krembo99
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I know it may be a bit strange to ask, but have you checked your spam folder, or spam filters ?

  3. professionalsql
    Posted 7 years ago #

    A reasonable question actually, but no, nothing doing there. Note that I did get the original reset mail - just not the actual reset password mail.

    Fortunately, I just found a way around it by a little better searching (I had issues finding the search box on the page before - I'd like to suggest going away from the brown on brown thing).

    People with this same issue can check out:


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