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  • New pages are giving me a 404 and when I check on Page Management I find that a line has been added to the page title

    barga jazz 2005 …this one works fine
    � Wayne Shorter .. this does not
    � Regolamento .. or this one

    Where did that line come from ? Any ideas ?


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  • Are “wayne shorter” and “regolamento” subpages of the topmost one? The lines in front of the Page names are there to clarify the child Pages.

    – oranges
    – apples
    and so on…

    yes they are child pages but they give me a 404


    I have just tried making another page that is not related .. no line but still a 404 , so the line is not relevant at all ?


    no the line is not relevant, it is there just to point out the differences between the parent and child Pages

    However I remember having problems with Pages at first.. I wish I could remember what was the problem … *scratches head*

    edit: I found my blogpost about my problem with Pages.. yay for blogging! 🙂 I’m not using the default theme so there were a couple of page templates missing from my theme folder. I copied those .php files over to my active theme. Also, make sure .htaccess is writable. … At least that worked for me

    Are you using the default theme?

    is there a limit on the number of pages that you can create?


    I’ve never heard of a limit of Pages that you can create, I’m up to 20 or so..

    worked fine for the first 5 pages and then nothing since

    .htaccess is writable and no I am not using the default theme but “connections”


    Strange.. sorry, I think I’m stumped :-/

    Have you read other forum posts about the same subject and tried the directions given there?

    such as this one:
    or this one:

    ok fixed it … I just love this forum.. its wonderful ….thank you iddapidda for pointing me in the right direction …… it was a problem with WordPress not regenerating/updating the htaccess file .. I did it by hand and now its working …thanks again

    Hey, glad to be able to help 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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