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  • Hello everybody,

    since a couple of days I have the following issue with the plugin: when creating a new page for the blog, it does not show up in the list for the sidebar widget (“Show widget for…”).

    It works when I enter the ID but since I am not the only one working on the blog this is not really a way we can be going.

    When I de- and reactivate the plugin, the new pages are shown in the list, however when creating another new page afterwards, it again doesn’t show up.

    Is anybody familiar with this problem? I would be happy about any suggestions you may have for me.

    Thank you so much

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  • I’m also having this issue. I inherited a site using this plugin. When I went to add new pages, I can not get any sidebars to show up on the new pages.

    I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin with no luck. Any ideas?

    It is working on the original content of the site, but additions are being ignored.

    Having the same issue, you guys have any luck yet?

    Just a hunch, are any of you using a caching plugin?

    I actually was using one a few months ago and the custom widget was updating correctly. I ended up removing the cache plugin around a month ago and the custom widget plugin was still working correctly (up until about a week ago). I haven’t added any new plugins since then either.

    Another hunch, try this Transient Cleaner plugin.

    Sorry, never mind. Display Widgets does use transients but not in the way that plugin addresses.

    Hi. Did anyone find a solution for this problem?

    I have been able to reproduce this problem only once on a demo site with a lot of plugins and some sketchy themes installed. When testing this plugin by itself or with a few other tried-and-true plugins, it works flawlessly.

    So I think it may be a conflict with another plugin – and that’s going to be hard to track down.

    Workaround #1:
    The simplest workaround is to deactivate and reactivate this plugin after adding/updating a page and before editing a widget. (@escalatoraccidnt, let me know if that still doesn’t work for you.)

    Why does that work?

    Display Widgets uses a form of caching called a “transient” to store a list of the current pages. It’s a smart way to go. Whenever a page is added or updated, the transient is deleted. Then a fresh transient with a new page list is created the first time you edit a widget.

    Something seems to be preventing the plugin from deleting the outdated transient. De/activation creates a fresh transient.

    Workaround #2:
    An admin option to manually create a fresh transient, again after adding/updating a page and before editing a widget. Not ideal, but simpler than de/activation once we get the code installed.

    Let me know if you are interested in Workaround #2.

    You are not alone in this – see this thread – but it’s impossible to reproduce given the number of plugin and theme combinations.

    In order to track down the conflict, we need to verify that the problem is indeed the inability to delete the transient and what’s stopping it.

    If you would like to participate in that bug hunt as a way to help others experiencing the same problem and to give back to the author, let me know. I can build a simple plugin that records the key events to a log file. It would also list your installed plugins. (No other site or personal information, just lines like “transient contains 7 pages” or “transient not found”.)

    You would then install the plugin, perform a page update then edit a widget, and email me the log.

    I realize that’s a lot to ask and may feel a bit intrusive but the problem won’t be fixed without more information.

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