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  • Last year I had a WP installation for my blog which was fine. I went offline and now installed a clean new version of WP, latest version.

    The default 2014 theme had a Sample Page and a Hello World post. They show up fine when I clicked on them.

    I went on to customize my site entering data, same theme. Following the instructions I deleted the Sample Page (rather than editing it) and created a new one called About. Did a sample post as well.

    Well, Now when I click on the link that should display my About page (as it did with Sample Page) I get a new browser tab with an EMPTY blank page, no markup at all!

    I created a new post and it does appear in the landing page but when I click on its link I get the same result, a new browser tab with a blank white page with no markup.

    For the sake of testing I switched the theme to 2013 but the problem is the same.

    In my old WP installation I could post and create pages and they displayed fine, what is broken now?

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  • I have just noticed that the pages/posts become blank if I uncheck the “Allow Comments” checkbox. I don’t want to allow comment because I get all sort of idiots posting nonsense about Viagra and other stupid things.

    So, with the “Allow Comments” checkbox unchecked, the page becomes blank. If I edit the page (Quick Edit) to allow comments, the new setting is reflected in the configuration but the page contines to display BLANK.

    Also noticed that in doing so it kind of goes into Scheduled mode and there was no way to select Published unless I altered the schedule. I don’t recall setting it to scheduled.

    But the main issue being that if you disallow comments the whole page goes blank. And if you reenable it, you can never get your page back.

    WordPress is hopelessly broken for what I see. I switched from Drupal because I liked my WordPress experience but it is now broken.

    see what I mean at

    Reenabling the comments does not fix it either, it remains broken.

    Nobody knows how to solve this? it is broken by default?

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