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  • I cannot seem to create a new page. Here are the steps I’m taking:

    I click on Manage.
    I click on pages.
    I insert the data I need to insert.
    I click save.
    When I scroll down to Page Preview I get this:
    “The Page cannot be found.”
    When I click on View Site, and click on the tab to the page I have created I get this:
    “The Page cannot be found.”

    After five hours of this I am about to run screaming for the hills so that I cannot be found.


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  • “Save” is just saving the post as a draft.

    If you want it to appear, you have to click “Publish”.

    I do click “publish” and it still won’t publish.

    I don’t understand why you click “Manage” to create a new Page? You create new Pages under the “Write Page” section. “Manage” is where you go to edit posts and Pages, and to change drafts to published and vice-versa.

    Link to the site?

    I apologize. I did in fact go to “Write Page.” I wrote a page, clicked on “Publish” and when I visit my main page, the new page doesn’t come up. It just doesn’t work.

    THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WordPress sucks.

    Link to your blog?

    Are your Permalinks working? Does anything change if you set them to default? (Options -> Permalinks)

    Where/when do you actually get the mentioned error?

    WordPress sucks.

    Didn’t see that before I responded. Probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    Website URI?

    Link to your blog?

    Yeah, I already asked for that too, and was completely ignored. Didn’t see the point in trying to assist when she won’t provide the info we need *to* assist.

    Didn’t see that before I responded. Probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    That was pretty much my attitude when I saw 1) she didn’t provide a link, and 2) copped the attitude. Let her go somewhere else if that’s how she wants to treat people who are trying to help.

    Different person/site, different attitude, similar problem.

    Link is

    I can post w/out problem but when I “publish” pages (steps taken: write page, save page, publish page), they don’t appear as either a link anywhere, nav or sidebar.

    Additionally/similarly, I attempted to delete the “about” page generated by WP admin as an example (so that I could replace it with something of my own). While the page is gone from my page editor, it still appears on the site (linking to a 404). Is this because I need to edit the global nav in the template code, rather than through site admin?

    I really tried to find an answer to this in previous posts, no luck…but I was able to learn how to swap out my header image so three cheers for collective problem solving.

    @oldstove – just for grins, switch to the Default theme. Do pages start showing as expected?

    Similar problem, when I write a new post to if I hit save and continue editing the post shows up as it is supposed to. When I hit publish the page lags and I get a page cannot be displayed page, yet when I refresh the post does appear online, though at times it lags and gives me a page cannot be displayed error. This has been happening for several days.

    2.0.4 is the version I’m using.

    Yes, Handysolo, they DO appear on the default. Should I monkey around with copying the sidebar code that captures the pages into the enlighten template?

    Thanks for your response.

    Hiya, oldstove…. the enlighten template probably is missing the “display pages” stuff that the default includes. You can try inserting this code in your sidebar where you want the Pages list to show:

    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li=<h2>Pages</h2>' ); ?>

    Note that this is the “bare” display as shown in the default theme; there are a lot of other things you can do with it once it’s showing where you want it!

    [For a WONDERFUL theme that does super nifty stuff with pages natively, try mistylook – it’s a supremely customizable theme too!]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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