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  • Hello,

    This is so strange. I have had my WP site up for a year, no problems, I have created a lot of different pages and this has never happened, but I uploaded this page and the center of the page with the blog post text went way to the left. This happened yesterday to my main page but when I rebooted it went right, This time on the new page no amount of emptying cache, clearing history, or rebooting entirely will make it go back and I didn’t do anything to my knowledge to make it happen??? HELP! I need to get this page up!

    Thank you so much. The page is at:

    (And as I went to the page to get the link it comes up in the right place centered, but immediately pops over to the left. VERY weird!

    Thank you for your help!

    Maitri Libellule

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  • Not sure what is causing it, but it looks like something is adding CSS to the body element on that page. The specific CSS rule that is causing the problem is “margin: 0px;”…needs to be “margin: 0px auto;”

    Could be a plugin. You could turn the plugins off one by one and see if that fixes it. Then post back and say which plugin was causing the problem.

    Another option is that it’s in the file you uploaded. You could post the contents of the file using and then share the link to the pastebin here. That way we could see the code and troubleshoot it.


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