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  • I would like to change the background color of a new page I created, for example lets say it’s the about page, I thought I could do that using the custom fields option in wordpress admin, however I have gone all thru the inove css file for content background color css and none of the keys seem to change the background. Is this maybe not the feature of the custom fields? If so, what would be the best way to just change the BG Color on one page?


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  • change the body tag in your page.php file to this
    <body<?php if(is_page('about')) echo ' class="about"';?>>

    This will add class=”about” to the body tag only on the about page

    in your stylesheet add this
    body.about { background-color: #color-code; }

    Thanks for the reply Stvwlf, that does change the body background, however with the inove theme, ( I just noticed ) is outside the post, It’s the background color behind the page that it changes. I will look more into the CSS and see if I can find it.

    Thanks again.

    I also want to change the background but then I mean outside the body.
    The one called bg, but just something changes.

    All the background in the body is ONE picture. Hard to change, I`ve done some here.

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    Also, is there a way to have different colors on links in the meny and the sidebar and pages. It`s all controlled by just one line in the css

    Im in the process of changing the colours of the iNove theme but having a real hard time finding where to change the colour of the background for the sidebar area. There is a small portion above and a large portion below the widgets in the right sidebar which need to be changed to black. But i cannot find the code in the css files to do so.

    A link to my site and its current state can be found here:

    Thanks in advance

    @c3ptik: In style.css, find the following:

    /* content START */
    #content {
    	background:#FFF url(img/sidesep.gif) right repeat-y;

    Remove the background line completely and see if that helps…it should look like this:

    /* content START */
    #content {

    figaro, you are a genius! I’ve wasted a complete morning looking for this. Thank you very much for your help!

    If you want to change the bground colour, you need to change the colour of the following images.


    Then, change the following code with the html code colour that suite your color of the above images.

    body {
    background:#BEC3C6 url(img/bg.jpg) repeat-x; /* change the background color code */
    font-family:Verdana,”BitStream vera Sans”,Helvetica,Sans-serif;

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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