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New Page and Edit Page Corrupted

  • Hello WordPress

    My other post


    keeps saying its been closed by support??? I don’t understand why???

    Anyway I have more information.

    If I add a new page I expect a blank new page form to open
    If I edit an existing page I expect it to be retrieved from the database

    What actually happens the same page is pulled up in both instances. Its a page with a Contact Form 7 form embedded into it.

    I was wondering is my database corrupted? or is there a problem with contact form 7?

    Everytime I add a new page it retrieves the same page that has the contact form on. I tried deactivating Contact Form 7 and it made no difference.

    I tried deleting the page that is pulled back from the database but it simply retrieved the next page in the list that had another contact form on. (The 2nd contact form was just another contact form to a different department within the same company)

    When adding a new page I cannot change its Title, Slug, Permalink, Turn off comments etc. However I can change these attributes from within quick edit.

    If I save the new page its given a the name of the old page with _copy appended on the end.

    here is the permalink of the offending page:

    http:// website name goes here com/?post_type=wpcf7_contact_form&p=1862

    Anyone got any experience of something similar?

    I have had “unable to establish a database connection” about 5 times in the last 4 months and each time I ran repair.php. the last time it happened I opened a support ticket with my server provider who said they had also ran the repair tables option and that their recommendation was to create a new wordpress database and move everything over to it. I have no idea what to do next

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  • Is it just my impression or is this support forum overloaded with threads?

    What’s the % resolved rate for the forum?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    keeps saying its been closed by support??? I don’t understand why???

    I’m pretty sure the reply there is self-explanatory.

    Your post was stuck in the spam filter – I’m leaving the other one open as it has more info.

    This is the other topic. Duplicate topics are bad and since this one had more info in it that duplicate was closed.

    Is it just my impression or is this support forum overloaded with threads?

    Ha! No. 😉

    The support forums are not a help desk so metrics like % resolved doesn’t necessarily provide meaningful data. It does give a picture but only a 35,000 foot view.

    *Reads topic*

    If you have a CF7 problem then it would be helpful if you posted in the right forum.


    Posting in the general forum like that guarantees that your plugin specific problem will not be seen by the right people.

    @jan dembowski

    Thanks for your help dude

    I am not sure if it is a plugin specific error as I deactivated it and the error remained, which is why I posted in the general forum. If I don’t get a reply in a few days I will try on that plugin’s forum.


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