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  • Hello,

    I own a beer enthusiast website and i review all the beers in my country. When i found this plugin, i though i had finally found a easy and stylish way of reviewing the beers, but it lacks certain features like;
    – Categories… not by style, but by brewery or something like that, so the user can add the brewery category to a single post or page and it would list all the beers by name and style and so on, even with pictures and so on?
    – It would also be a very cool feature to show pictures of the beers beside their names and / or style.
    – If you could collect info on the beer from Ratebeer or some place like that, show ratings and summarized review from them about the beer.
    – some sort of rating system where people can rate and review (something like the review system at untappd and Ratebeer) the beer and the score which the people would give the beer, would appear in the header of the beer review.
    – I see you have the options on adding styles, which is a very long and hard work as it is a very long process, might i sugguest that this plugin comes with predefined list from this source Then you could have people translate all the styles and you would indeed have a VERY awesome plugin!
    – Finally, it would be awesome to get easy insert beer button or something in the post or page WYSIWYG, maybe with some additional options like, add beer styles from other breweries to compare or something like that?

    This plugin is AWESOME to say the least, if i had money, i wouldn´t be able to throw it fast enough at you 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    Hi rodonmanes!

    – Adding in a categories feature is definitely on my list of features to add and have been working on – it will definitely be included in the next release.

    – The pictures functionality already exists, just set a “featured image” for the beer and it will display next to the entry. I realize I haven’t noted this anywhere, so I’ll be sure to add it to the FAQ.

    – I don’t currently have any plans to include a ratings system or integrate Ratebeer in the *near* future, the other items on this list are more of a priority, however it is something I will definitely keep in mind as a review system would be great addition as the plugin expands.

    – Thanks for the link on the beer styles – I’ll look into pre-populating the styles list in a future release, I had a few people email me a similar request. I agree that it would take a very long time to add in that many styles by hand.

    – The “add beer” button is also something that has been on my radar and I hope include in a release very soon.

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m so glad you like the plugin 🙂

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you for the reply!

    If i could trouble you little more. There is this plugin i absolutely love, but it has been discontinued and it is open source so anyone can continue the work, the plugins name is “beer recipe” and as the name suggests, it allows the user to put in beer recipes, this plugin has become more valuable to me as i just opened my second website, which caters to the home brewers and i would very much like this plugin to stay alive, which brings me to you and your awesome plugin. Would you maybe be interested in adopting “beer recipe” plugin and integrate it into yours, as your plugin could work very well with this plugin. You would be able to offer everything from, the beer recipe to reviewing the beer 🙂

    If you´re interested (doesn´t hurt to take a look) then, the former project site for this plugin is here; If you can´t find the plugin on this website, i´ve got a copy of it on my website 🙂
    If you´re interested, i have a suggestion for a feature… to allow the plugin to make XML files as it would fit very well with this plugin :-p

    I know i´m asking for allot, but I would really hate to see the beer recipe plugin go to waste as it is a really valuable plugin to many of us, just like the EM Beer manager!

    Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    Hi rodonmanes,

    That’s a really awesome looking plugin. I want to get all the current planned features I have integrated with EM Beer Manager before I expand out to include anything of that magnitude, but I will definitely consider adding a recipe management section into the plugin down the line. It may end up being more practical for me to develop it as a second plugin or an add-on for EM Beer Manager as opposed to integrating it directly. I’ll have to look more into it.

    Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas – it’s given me a lot to think about! 🙂

    Hi Erin,

    Would it be difficult to add a small feature to this plugin, that is, like i mentioned here above, i suggested that it would be nice to be able to add ratebeer information about the beer and so on, would it be difficult to just allow for adding a button like you do with the untappd, but link into ratebeer and beeravatar and such?

    Another thing, i sometimes have beer review on my website and it would be awesome if there was a possibility to add a link to the beer post in some manner that people would notice it, button or some visual effect or something?

    Plugin Author Erin Morelli


    Hi rodonmanes,

    I have plans to make a separate plugin that is an add-on to EM Beer Manager that would integrate reviews and ratings. I will be adding a RateBeer button to that plugin. I don’t currently have an ETA on when I’ll release it, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


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