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  • From the offices of Francis Ford Coppola’s “American Zoetrope” came the private web office called “Liquid Imagination.” I started it, and now it’s composed of 240 writers, editors of various (other) publications, poets, artists and writers of screenplays. From this office comes the online magazine Liquid Imagination. We focus on enhancing fantasy stories and fiction with artwork, hoping the stories/poems enhance the artwork as well. Interviews with Bram Stoker, Nebula and World Fantasy Award recipients as well as nationally and internationally known artists. We endeavor to help new writers as well as promote established writers.

    It’s all about the reader, the artist, the writer, the poet and FANTASY! Come drink in Liquid Imagination. And, please,

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  • I’m a big reader of lit journals (I am a writer and web designer), and always glad to hear that someone is putting another one online, so please take this constructive criticism in that spirit —

    1) I would advise using a different theme than the default theme for a magazine. The default theme tends to give a fly-by-night impression, because it is (unfortunately) used by many spam blogs (too easy to use). If nothing else, at least customize the look of it.

    2)You lumped all your categories into a single category. Not very useful to visitors.

    3) You don’t really have that much content up yet. I would suggest getting more stuff up, delivering on the promises of your promotional page. Zoetrope is a pretty famous litmag, so I expected a lot more when I clicked your link.

    4) My suggestion is to jazz up the site more, populate it with content, and then come back and promote it again. I don’t think it’s ready for primetime yet.

    I do wish you luck with it — and perhaps will send in a submission when you really get it going!

    I’ve got 6 or more people who will blog, a few editors from the magazine itself. Plus I’m looking at some celeb bloggers. I’m still trying to find my way around here. Do you think actually posting certain portions of the ezine would be good? Seriously? Excerpts? Or entire pages such as the poetry page? Issue 2 is still under construction. But I didn’t want to load the blog down, and it seems you’re telling me to fill it with content.

    This sounds like fun!

    Thank you. Seriously!!

    Ah, you know, I didn’t realize that the “blog” you posted is just an adjunct to the main “ezine” as you put it. I now see that you have a magazine full of stories and art, etc. So now my suggestion would be to make the links to the ezine much more prominent.

    I stand by the criticisms of the design and the use of categories though. They are not conducive to taking the blog seriously.

    I’m also a little uncertain as to what the relationship of the blog to the magazine is….

    Also wondering why you don’t use WordPress for the whole magazine (well, actually, having been working a WordPress magazine myself, I do understand… it can be a complicated endeavor to take on).

    And yes, I DO think posting excerpts from the magazine in the blog would be a good idea — you want to constantly steer people to the magazine, I would think…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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