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  • Notable displays a series of icons below each post allowing your readers to easily submit you to many different social bookmarking and networking sites. (, digg, fark, etc.)

    This is the latest in my BlogBling series of plugins.

    Project Page

    As always questions and comments are always welcome.

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  • You bastard! You stole all the ideas out of my head for wp-sociable and made it work. A backend menu that allows users to turn off and on the various sites, tooltips. Why?

    I am crushed. How I am supposed to go around and learn PHP one simple step at a time if you go and show me all the answers? Anyway nice work — honestly. I wish you would have given me a heads up on your intentions, that would have been honourable.

    Hi Clarke,

    Check the project page. I gave you credit for the icons there and in the code. I looked at your plugin and while it did work…well, I like taking things to the ridiculous extreme. 🙂

    I didn’t think about notifying you. Sorry. No hard feelings. Feel free to pick it apart make it better. (God knows it could be better.)


    p.s. I love your theme for K2. It’s on my road map to implement that on my site.
    Cal Evans

    Your plugin significantly improves on the idea and usability of the original, wp-sociable. Would you care to work together on its further development?


    The only thing I really want to add is an easier model to update the sites in the list. I’ve tried to break out the code so that I only have to add new code in a couple places but there’s still too many. Actually, what I was thinking of was a separate XML file defining the sites. Then have my version checker code check for both a new version of the plugin and for a new version of the XML. If all that has changed is the site definitions then it could just download that and be done with it. (Sorry for the stream of consciousness, that’s all off the top of my head)

    That having been said, I’m happy to work with you to implement any new features you’d like to see.


    Thanks to CraigWD of who pointed out that the default path when you initially install the plug in is incorrect. if you have installed the plug in and are experiencing problems, make sure the image path is correct. On default installations, it should be:


    I’ve updated the code and fixed another minor issue. The latest version is 1.1. You can download either the tar or the zip on the project page.


    This is very nice!

    Would you consider some minor tweaks so as to allow it to validate? For instance, in the icon urls, encode the “&” to be “&”? And I think the title attribs should maybe be enclosed in double quotes, but I didn’t look too closely there.


    I don’t understand about the &’s The only &’s that the code generates are in the & nbsp.

    I didn’t realize there was a difference between single and double quotes. (My PHP is showing. 🙂 ) I’ll swap them out this evening and post a new version soon.


    Hmm, well I’m not php expert either 🙂 I was just looking at the resulting code and realized some of it wouldn’t validate. I’ll try and find those ampersands.

    Well, I’m befuddled. You’re writing out the &’s just fine.

    But, I used to validate. Now I don’t:


    Were you able to find out anything?


    Not much. If you look at my validation link above, that’s all generated from running the plug-in. If I remove the line that displays the sociable list, I validate fine.

    Looks like the key bits are that all the attribute values of the links should be enclosed in double-quotes (url=”…” title=”…” etc.). That’d probably clear up most, if not all, of the validation issues.

    I was going to have a go at trying that in the plug-in, but it turns out that my php skills aren’t quite up to it. :-\

    I can’t enclose the attributes of the URL in double quotes, it may break some of the services. I can, however, urlencode the urls before I put them in href. I’ve just packaged version 1.2, can you download it for me and try it out?

    Also, in 1.2 there’s a new feature on the options page. you can select form several different spacers between the images including no space at all. This is for those people who have very narrow columns and the nbsp’s were causing problems.

    Let me know if this one works better for you.


    Grabbed it and updated. Some improvements, but definitely still not validator friendly.

    Looking at the generated source, the tag looks fine:
    <a href=";title=Google+Page+Creator" title="delicious:Google Page Creator"><img src="/blog/wp-content/plugins/blogbling/images/delicious.png" class="notable_bookmark" alt=":Google Page Creator" /></a>

    The & is a in there as &amp; and the validator doesn’t seem to have issues.

    However, it just pitches a fit about the spurl tag:
    <a href=" Page Creator&url=" title="spurl:Google Page Creator"><img src="/blog/wp-content/plugins/blogbling/images/spurl.png" class="notable_bookmark" alt=":Google Page Creator" /></a>

    I wonder if that & between Creator and url should be &amp; instead?

    Here’s a shortcut to validate one page.

    I’m probably being anal about validation… but I was publically raked over the coals a month or so ago about it and now I’m perhaps “hyper aware”!

    And don’t get me wrong — I LOVE the plug-in and hope we can sort some of this out. If you’d prefer to take this to email or IM, just holler.


    Just packaged v1.3. There was one difference between spurl and the others. I’ve changed it. See if that makes a diff for you.


    Alas, that might be a step backwards. Now the validation is unhappy with the tag and some other gunk.

    Specifically here:

    <a href="" title="delicious:Google Page Creator">

    Before the title attribute, there’s a & buried in the previous string that I suspect is crying out to be a &amp; (like it was in 1.2!).

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