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  • My new question relates to the link to be created between the quiz questions and the images associated with the questions.
    My current quizzes are about counting (counting how many objects there are in an image, how many apples in an apple tree for example). So the question is always “How many … are in this picture?” It is very easy to create a csv file to import the questions (I am now used to). It is also very easy to import the images into the WordPress media library. But then I have to go through the questions one by one to connect an image to each question. My images are categorized very well (they each have an identifiable file name). But it is not very easy to go and find a question, then click “Extra”, click “Question Featured Image”, fetch the image from the media library, save the question, and go back to the list of all the questions of the quiz (I have 54 questions in the current quizzes, and I am helping myself with a printed board by checking boxes as I go).

    So to sum up the question is: Is there any fancy way to add “http: //….image25_a.jpg” (54 times my images are all tagged 01, 02, 03, 04 .. .) in 54 different places quickly in the 54 question files already imported (or before importing them)?

    PS: About importing images into WordPress media library … At first, I “bulk” downloaded all images listed in alphabetical order to my computer. Alas, I noticed that sometimes certain images were no longer in the alphabetical order in the WordPress folder! So, now I drag each image one by one to make sure it will be in the same order as on my computer. Nothing is easy!

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    There IS a fancy way to do this, but it still requires some setup on your end.

    HD Quiz actually has a function built-in that tries to map the filename with a file ID. The problem is that it is not super accurate (what if files have the same name?).

    Let me know if you’re able to modify your CSV file to include a new column for the featured image that contains the filename of the image you want to use. If so, I can take a look at that map function I wrote and see if I can utilize it to help you here.

    Hello Dylan,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I use csv files for a long time, because I created hundreds of questions (and like nobody is perfect, I found and corrected lots of bugs in my files). I use OpenOffice and I have a big screen to display many columns at the same time.
    The names of my images are all different and easy to “guess” when I search one of them.

    I’d be glad if you give the method to connect images to the questions 🙂

    Plugin Author Harmonic Design


    Hi michel92,
    how comfortable are you editing the plugin directly?

    Hello Dylan,
    I can do it. I’m not a developer, but I use text editors for years, csv files and I modify small thing by myself in PHP or other languages (but I don’t create from nothing).
    So, just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it! 🙂

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