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    After hours on the phone with various customer service reps., it was finally determined that the proxy restrictions on my new Netgear Nighthawk X6S (Mod. R7900P), will not allow the internal firewall filters to be turned off, and those filters conflict with whatever Wordfence needs to properly display.

    Through that router and with Wordfence activated, the dashboard displayed wrong (disappeared) and was replaced with a menu tree / outline of links. The site was also slowed down dramatically, and I even got locked out a few times.

    Connecting the computer directly to the ISP and bypassing the router fixed the issue, no matter what changes were made to the router (disable NAD, dedicated IP for device, resetting device, etc.)

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    The Netgear Nighthawk is not a true pass through router for directly wired computers.

    It seems that conflicts related to the .php executables as used by the Wordfence plugin is incompatible with the Netgear Nighthawk R7900P router, such that the server times out and WP Admin pages don’t render properly.

    The specific problem is that upon logging into the WP site, the Admin panel is gone and replaced by a blank white page with only menu links on the left side. All links are slow to resolve, and interactive hover features are gone. Certain updates to Admin features are also timed out.

    Unsuccessful strategies to fix this so far, have been:
    1) Netgear: updated router firmware
    2) complete wipe of the WP site and drop the entire SQL database, fresh install and including all updates
    3) static IP assigned by ISP
    4) ISP increased allowed serve lag time for time outs
    5) Netgear: Advanced>Setup>LAN Setup>+Add address Reservation>assigned unique IP to the PC
    6) Netgear: Advanced>Setup>WAN Setup>NAD filtering> disable SIP ALG
    7) Netgear: Advanced>Setup>Internet Setup> tried both static and dynamic Internet IP Address and Domain Name Service (DNS) Address changes/options
    8) Change WordPress themes

    Hi Matt,
    If this issue happens to the whole WordPress Dashboard not only Wordfence admin pages, then I don’t think this issue is specifically related to Wordfence, what happens if you disabled Wordfence?

    It sounds like your router is blocking access to some JS/CSS files, you can open the browser console, then refresh the page and check both the “Console” and “Network” tabs, if you found any blocked requests there, you will have to report that to Netgear as -unfortunately- there will not be anything we can do regarding this issue in that case.


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    Thank you. When I disable WF, from behind the Netgear router, all of the problems with WP go away. When I put my PC in front of the Netgear router, but with WF activated, all of the problems with WP go away.

    It is definitely a Netgear v. Wordfence issue, and quite likely precisely what you have described with js/css files.

    Netgear’s updated browser console no longer features any “console” or “network” tabs. The only logs supported are access by IP and MAC address with time, date, etc.

    Please check this link to get a better idea regarding the browser console that I mean, you will have to open this browser console then reload the broken WordPress/Wordfence dashboard pages to check if there is any blocked requests in the “Network” or any JS errors in the “Console” tab.


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    Thank you. Nifty resource!

    The errors were for both GET and POST, as
    “Failed to load resource: net: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”.
    I took screenshots but am unfamiliar with how to post them in this forum.

    As an aside, I thought perhaps the cache plugin was conflicting, but removing the minify CS and JS, deactivating, and even uninstalling the plugin, had no affect.

    It would seem the Netgear router is indeed delaying the data packets and the server is timing out.

    I expect you got resource loading failure on both WordPress and Wordfence dashboard pages, right? if so, then I recommend reporting this issue to Netgear support team with those screenshots attached.


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