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  • I attempted to migrate from a live server to localhost using WAMP on Win 7. This failed. I went a downloaded and installed a fresh copy of WP this morning. Went to phpMyAdmin and created the database and then created a user with password. I went to wp-config.php and entered these fields under ‘DB_NAME’ ‘DB_USER’ ‘DB_PASSWORD’ and ‘DB_HOST’ per the instructions. In my instance DB_USER = admin and ‘DB_PASSWORD” = a string that I know is correct.

    admin will not connect when I try to launch install.php. But I found that “root” with no password does work.

    What have I missed!? Is it possible that only “root” works by design?


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  • I read your post on the WAMP forum as well, as I went there to see if there was any documentation regarding this subject; I could find none.

    That said, you are correct in that the database default credentials for WAMP are user = root and password = blank, empty, nothing.

    As you are working locally, this is not an “issue”, so I, as well as others, just leave it as it. When you move the site “live”, then you create a secure database user and password.

    When you are creating a new local db using phpMyAdmin, just give it a name (no spaces) and click Create … that’s it 🙂

    Your database connection info is then:
    database name = whatever you named it
    user name = root
    password = <blank, empty, nothing>
    database host = localhost
    table prefix = wp_ <just leave it as is unless you are importing an existing WP db that has a different prefix; then use that one>

    The “Admin” which you mention in the WAMP forum is for the WordPress SITE; the Admin log in to the WP Dashboard. This is the one that YOU get to choose after you get the db connected.

    For now, see if you can get a fresh WP install “installed”. Then have a look at to get your live site moved 🙂

    OK,I got this now. Thanks for confirming. At localhost, you’re right there’s no issue. I hope I don’t run into this when I go live. I really don’t understand the diff.

    And BTW, now I’m facing a huge obstacle. I stumbled and installed this IThemes Security plug-in, activated it and now it 403s and I cannot get back in.

    Back to the drawing board.

    But thanks for coming in to help me.


    If you installed WAMP in the root of C then go here:

    C:\wamp\www\wordpress_folder\wp-content\plugins\ and rename or delete the iThemes_security folder. You should now be able to log in again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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