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  • Hi

    My blog has been up and running for about 2 weeks now, In that time I’ve had about 300 hits which I don’t know is good or bad?

    You can see the blog here: and I’d really appreciate some feedback on the content and the look and feel too, especially from the female forum members as I wonder if it’s a bit too dark and grungy looking?



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  • Hi Mark,

    I like your site. It is looking very good.

    I’m wondering if you have considered a plugin called Sociable. I think you would enjoy that one very much.

    Best wishes,

    I love your site, the domain is a little long though!

    L O V E the site. If i ever tire of mine i might have interest in your theme. At the moment you have a bit of an issue with a plugin and images. A quick fix.

    As to the title & domain… brilliant! For those who have no idea what it says or where it comes from then they are probably not in your target demographic anyway. I did have a little laugh at you saying that punk rock is not dead has what you worry might be too grungy of a theme. I think the theme is named wrong for what it is.

    Thanks for your comments guys, I feel a lot more confident about it now 🙂

    Bradcat – Ihad a look at the sociable plugin and it looks ideal, I shall try it out at the weekend.

    tom_taylor_85 – I did consider the length but I figured that most people would get there by following links rather than typing it in?

    thefiveeight- Thankyou, I couldn’t agree more about the demographic, and that’s exactly what I said to my dad when he said the domain name was bad!

    If you hadn’t told me that you had just created this site, I would have thought it was a bunch of people working on the site. Firstly, it looks fantastic. So sharp and so fitting for its subject matter. Did you design this theme? If so, you should do it professionally, you could make good money doing it. I agree that the domain is a little tough, but I don’t know that it’s a big deal. You could always buy a second domain that redirects to this page with some abbreviated version of the name. But, this site looks great. I’ll actually add this to my RSS feed to see what you’re up to. I’m that impressed. I don’t even really listen to punk rock but your site makes me want to get into it more.

    Great theme and great site, Your header is so nice with beautiful Buttons.

    Hi i love it…….It’s your own theme. Please tell me what/how to use to make my own template

    I wish I could claim credit for the theme but I downloaded it. I’ve made a few small stylesheet changes but that’s all.

    The theme is called grunge-wall and I got it from

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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