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    I am using WordPress Network, and Multisite. Currently I have 3 sites running.

    At the beginning of this week I created a new site, added a bunch of posts, and set a theme to it. I was ready to add the domain to it so I could go live with the new site.

    I went into the Network Admin, I set the site ID to the new domain. With and without “www.” to the domain. Then I went to the site settings in the Network Admin and set the domain to the new address, I replaced it with from Works, but I only can see the posts, I am getting 404s for the CSS files, Images, and the Theme Files.

    Next step I tried,, that wouldn’t work at all.

    Next I put in the domain field under the site settings in the Network Admin, and boom it works. But I only achieved this I believe because since I have an old version of WordPress running, I used the Domain Mapping Plugin.

    Here’s the issue.

    When I attempt to go to, it doesn’t work.

    I am confused by this because the other sites that are on my WordPress Network, that are not using the Domain Mapping Plugin, have their in the domain field under there site settings in the Network Admin.

    And when I attempt to add, to this site, in the domain field under its site settings, it doesn’t work. I have basically matched all the settings to my other two sites and still nothing.

    I don’t use CPanel, and I have tried the Permalinks trick. And the sunrise.php file is two folders up from the plugin file itself.

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