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[Resolved] New Multisite – Site Issue

  • I am using WordPress Network, and Multisite. Currently I have 3 sites running.

    At the beginning of this week I created a new site, added a bunch of posts, and set a theme to it. I was ready to add the domain to it so I could go live with the new site.

    I went into the Network Admin, I set the site ID to the new domain. With and without “www.” to the domain. Then I went to the site settings in the Network Admin and set the domain to the new address, I replaced it with siteurl.com from sitetitle.blogs.wordpressnetworksite.com. Works, but I only can see the posts, I am getting 404s for the CSS files, Images, and the Theme Files.

    Next step I tried, http://www.siteurl.com, that wouldn’t work at all.

    Next I put sitetitle.blogs.wordpressnetworksite.com in the domain field under the site settings in the Network Admin, and boom it works. But I only achieved this I believe because since I have an old version of WordPress running, I used the Domain Mapping Plugin.

    Here’s the issue.

    When I attempt to go to http://www.siteurl.com, it doesn’t work.

    I am confused by this because the other sites that are on my WordPress Network, that are not using the Domain Mapping Plugin, have their http://www.siteurl.com in the domain field under there site settings in the Network Admin.

    And when I attempt to add, http://www.siteurl.com to this site, in the domain field under its site settings, it doesn’t work. I have basically matched all the settings to my other two sites and still nothing.

    I don’t use CPanel, and I have tried the Permalinks trick. And the sunrise.php file is two folders up from the plugin file itself.

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