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    We have an existing multisite with a main site ( and two functioning subdomain sites ( and I would like to add a new site ( but I get a 404 error when I try to add the site. I also setup to test a different configuration, but I got a similar error (site cannot be found).

    All the support threads I’ve read say the error is likely with the htaccess or wildcard domain setup, but we’ve already properly configured those–at least for our first two subdomains. And the htaccess file is in the root folder. Where are we going wrong in adding this new site?


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    If the error page is formatted like, then it’s WP.

    if the error page is a generic browser can’t even find the server, then it’s your wildcard subdomain setup.

    If the error page is a bland server page (like is giving me right now) then the error is again wildcard subdomains, but likely one being overwritten by an explicetly defined subdomain.

    This is the response I got from Bluehost, my hosting provider:

    “Wildcard DNS does not need to be modified. It simply allows you to have and use wildcard dns. The root folder for your wordpress will be whatever folder you install the multi site wordpress to. this can be anything from the main domain, to a sub domain or subfolder.”

    I’m stumped. WordPress says I need to change my wildcard settings and my hosting provider says I don’t need to/can’t change my wildcard settings.

    If it is the wildcard settings that are in need of changing, any advice on how to go about it? I had set up the wildcard configuration a while back and it doesn’t seem there’s any way to check/amend the wildcard settings through Bluehost.


    The issue was with my host. Bluehost automatically sets up the wildcard to go into a wildcard folder rather than the public html folder. I needed Bluehost’s help to change my original configuration. Originally they didn’t help me and told me that the folder configuration made no difference, but I asked them again for help, they put the wildcard in the public html folder, and all my issues resolved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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