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  • Please take a look, and if you can find the time, pass comment on my new wordpress based site: theSwitchback.

    I’ve just launched the site, based on a slightly modified version of the Futurosity Aperio theme.

    I guess I’m taking a slight risk using the rather unusual theme, but I’m trying to create a kind of online magazine look and feel, something a bit different from the norm.

    It’s very new, but I have a back catalogue of work from one of my previous sites that I’ve included to flesh it out a little.

    Anyway, any and all comments welcome, positive and negative, as long as they’re constructive please!

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  • I like it – it’s extremely simple. I would make the header full width, but that’s just me.

    Thanks. So you didn’t think “err, what’s this then?” at all? I’m hoping it’s not too simple.

    I thought about how I’d usually end up at a site. If I google it, I end up on a page/post, so there’s full navigation there, and if I know it, I only need the latest news etc, which is there on the front page, or to search, which is also there. I hope that makes sense.

    Wow, I really like it.
    I agree, the header image is kind of … cut off.
    I love the way your excerpt boxes are all the same height with variable images etc.

    Really nicely done, very inspirational!

    EDIT: okay, there’s almost no modification of the theme, so actually all my kudos goes to the theme maker 🙂

    I would insert some kind of “about” text so that visitors know, what they’re looking at.

    Yep, the front page is only really edited behind the scenes, I really really like the theme front page so went with the “if it aint broke” approach!

    The main modification really has been the inside, automatic gallery insertion, and the combinations of plugins etc to bring it up to date.

    I will also try and make it all at least xhtml transitional valid, the front page is, but the insides are not, and that bugs me a little.

    An “about”, maybe an “i” (information) button or tab somewhere could be a wise move for newbies then?

    I was thinking more of a large and bold, short but descriptive “claim”, like on where it says “WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time“, or twitter, where it says “Twitter is a service for friends, family …

    Maybe just one line is enough, like “here you see lots of minis” or something 🙂
    Will check out the inside of your site now.

    I get what you’re saying now, I’ll see if I can “make it work”, because I can appreciate and was concerned it’s a little unclear at first glance what kind of a site you’ve arrived at (despite the content/headlines and photos below).

    Mores, did you check the inside out? 🙂

    Yes, sorry I didn’t get back to you.
    I find the inside does not do the front page justice. It’s not as interesting, but that’s a theme issue. It’s not ugly, just not as spiffy 🙂

    What I like is how you added images, it actually improves the theme a whole lot.
    With the amount of text you have in each post, I would have gone a different route. Put the images under the header image on the left side, get rid of the entire right hand column and make the actual post content go all the way to the right.

    Yes … where to put the navi … haven’t considered it that far yet 🙂

    The “browse” thing at the bottom is rather confusing, as is the “add comment”. Maybe you should pull the dark background across the entire column (like the “news” headline at the top), not just the left. Because right now it’s just hanging kind of strangely.

    But even as it stands now it’s a beautiful site!

    hmm.. maybe you are not here in the USA, or you are having some technical hosting difficulties, but I could not open your website. it timed out

    Had some server issues, turned out it was related to a facebook connect plugin! Should all be fine now.

    Mores, thanks for the feedback, I’m going to take on board what you’ve said (and others) and have tweak with some screenshots in photoshop and decide where to go from there…

    No rest of the wicked!

    More comments always welcome, everyone will see different things I’m sure.

    Mores (and others). I messed with the “browse” and “comment” section at the bottom and looking at it “full width” with the dark grey it does look cleaner to me than only half across as before, it underlines the main content and provides a clear visual break.

    I’m still not entirely happy with the internal pages, they really don’t do the front page justice in my opinion, but getting them to work, WITH the navigation is proving a real challenge.

    Another recent change is the addition of the facebook connect plugin, which seems to work well so far.

    Any more thoughts and feedback always welcome.

    I’ve been working on this for a couple of days and have made quite a few changes since my last post to the style.

    I’ve added a universal navigation in the header which points to the “main” categories.

    I’ve moved the navigation away from the right column on the inside pages and instead added the “secondary” navigation to the footer on all pages (including front page).

    Things have been shuffled about a bit, and hopefully work better cross browser too.

    I’ve got some ideas for the “white space” below the header image, but I’m testing those out in Photoshop before troubling myself with coding them in!

    The link again is theSwitchback and any feedback, first time or on the changes made, is greatly appreciated.

    Don’t see a thing….

    Why do people always check when I’m fiddling. :p

    Back again.

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