• I’m trying to set up a registration form for my website. I do not ask for a password on the registration form because the person filling out the form often isn’t the person the account is for (it’s an organization for youth that requires an audition, the site manages their audition process, and they’re required to have a parent who also has an account to tied to them, so it’s often the parent filling out the registration form). My desired action is for the initial email they get to include a link they click to set their initial password (which both validates their email address and makes sure that the person who owns the email is the one picking the password).

    WordPress does this by default if you create a user from the admin panel and tell it to mail them. However, I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to do it in Ultimate Member.

    If I tell it to require email confirmation on the role, then they either automatically get logged in without ever setting a password (and then can never get in again next time), or they still wind up at a login page that asks them to log in with a password they’ve never set.

    If I tell it to auto-approve their account (they wind up in a limited role until the parent approves and they pay the audition fee anyway), then the email they get just says their account is active and gives a link to the site.

    I tried editing the welcome email to include the {password_reset_link} that’s included in the “account approved” template, but it doesn’t replace it in that template (apparently that only works in that one template?).

    I’m about ready to hook the account created action from our customizations plugin and send my own email, but maybe someone here has an idea to make this work in UM. πŸ™‚

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    I ended up doing this. I hooked the um_registration_complete action and generated my own email, and disabled the ones sent by UM. Now I have a different problem, but I’ll start a new thread for that.

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    And that ended up not working right, because the user auto-approve process (which happens after um_registration_complete) generates a new password reset link, invalidating the one I put in my email. So I just had to move it to um_after_user_is_approved instead.

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