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    So I have been doing the ol’ beat the head against the wall routine for the past 3 hours trying to get the email function to work for PMS and am hoping someone here can help me get going in the right direction.

    I am using the plugin WP Offload SES Lite for email. All other email functions of the site work perfectly. When I go to manually add a member and save, no email gets sent. I have read on here that the Email Log plugin can be useful for troubleshooting. I will try that. Any ideas? Literally everything else works.

    Many, many thanks for any help or suggestions.


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  • Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @waltmagic,

    The email is activated in settings, yes ? Each email has a checkbox.

    The Email Log plugin can tell you if things went well in our plugin and the message reached the wp_mail() function from WordPress. After that point, your email delivery service is in charge of things. So try to run some tests with it open and see if the mail reaches the log.

    The plugin you’re using to deliver emails also has an Activity page. Did you look on that page to see if the email appears there ?

    Let me know.


    Thanks for the prompt reply @raster02 I figured out what the problem was. I will explain what was needed

    After reviewing the htdocs/wp-content/debug.log I noticed that I was receiving the following error messages:

    “WP Offload SES #202: There was an error attempting to send your email. (Failed to instantiate the AWS SES client. Check your error log.)”


    “WP Offload SES #102: You must first set your AWS access keys to use this plugin.”

    Eventually I found that it was the placement of my defined AWS ID and key in my wp-config.php file. If anyone runs into this problem the following links will solve this issue:

    https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-offload-ses/doc/cron-setup/ <– OPTIONAL

    NOTE: AWS Key and ID must go before the following comment in the wp-config.php
    /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

    Thanks @raster02 for the forum support. It means a lot.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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