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  • I like the new way media get inserted, but am not so happy with the width of the .media-sidebar (when using a larger then 1024px display)
    Most important information; like image-size, link url and other gets truncated, while in the most probable use, inserting a single image, all the space in the middle is just unused or showing images that are not relevant at that point.
    The fields to enter alt text, descriptions, etc. look like they are less important and in that way are less likely to be used.

    Now there are 3 very different ways the image information is presented, on upload, from the media lib and when using the “edit”link on the image in the editor. Every time the layout is very different.

    Just my 2cents 🙂

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  • I’d like to add my two cents as well. While it looks much nicer, for my purposes it’s actually more steps for me on all three of my blogs. In the old interface I could select an image for insertion AND set it as the featured image in one step. Now I have to select what image will be the featured image, which then exits the image library. Then I have to go back in and insert my image into the post. Not to mention that the default for the library is now “all media items” when it really should be “uploaded to this post” 🙁 I appreciate change and improvement, but it’s frustrating when an already long process of creating a post is made longer by something like this.

    Is there a way around the featured image selection issue and the default drop down choice?

    Mmm… Spot on @amandascookin I just checked out what you remarked on and yes that is absolutely not intuitive or logic.
    There I do prefer the “old” way, where you could actually see the featured image appearing after clicking on the insert as featured image. And immediately insert it into the page with one more click..
    Most users needed to be explained about the procedure already, since I found more then 50% were uploading the image 2x (and taking up more disk space that way)

    Also agree that the default, when in a page should be “uploaded to this page”. Hope someone comes with an easy way to change the default.

    Yes I also liked the old ability of setting featured image while I inserted the image into the post.

    Yes! this is what I’d LOVE TO CHANGE: the default for the library is now “all media items” when it really should be “uploaded to this post” I’m trying to find a hook or something cause it’s not straight forward for the user.
    Everything else: THAKS WP team 🙂
    There are certain areas for improvement but right now I’d like to ‘fix’ the default library.

    I agree, the default for library should be uploaded to this post, not all of the images in my gallery. I’m also getting feedback from customers that its a bit confusing. They upload new images for a new post and the suddenly see all of their images, irrelevant to the post.

    other than that, new media is great and fast as hell. thanks

    The question (not by me) on Stack Exchange about how to change the default-view of media library

    To make the issue with the featured image a little better I installed on the site I am working on at the moment…
    Its the first time I use the plugin, for now it looks promising and I have not found disadvantages so far.

    @chocks hope someone comes up with an answer on Stack Exchange… would be neater if the solution would come from a WordPress post though.

    100% agree that default action upon using ‘Add Media’ should be Upload Files like it was before.

    I hate that the file info section is now a sidebar as it’s way too narrow and far off to the side. I work on a 15″ laptop screen, I can only image how far off to the side it would be on a 27″ screen. Plus it’s diffcult to see much of the URLs in the field and reading decent sized text blocks is a pain. See the map caption on this page and you’ll understand why seeing a big block of text is important. Before at least I had a good sized edit window in the description field which could then be copy/pasted into the caption field.

    And yes, please allow for Featured image to be set without exiting the insert image into post window. It’s causing us to do double the work dealing with that window twice which can be a pain when working off a cellular connection due to bandwidth issues.

    I’ve just posted in another thread with similar concerns.

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to the WP developers, because it’s a fantastic tool – but the media manager changes seem a little counter-intuitive. It looks great, but it now completely disrupts workflow – and I see from this thread that it’s not just me.

    Hopefully someone figures out a hack to get a “Use as featured image” button next to “Insert into post”.

    I’ll add my weight behind this.

    Though I love the new media interface, it is in fact slower than before and involves more clicks.

    – I would like the option of having the Upload window as default view
    – I would like to be able to set an image as Featured and Insert at the same time
    – Also, whilst an image has finished uploading, it would be great if the focus isn’t lost from writing in the Title. This is a bit frustrating.

    Nearly there, just a few tweaks and it will be awesome.

    Just want to say ME TOO to the whole thread. The amount of clicks involved in setting the featured image is more than it used to be – that’s unhelpful. And defaulting to just the photos uploaded to that post is very desirable.

    I like a lot of the changes and appreciate the hard work, but those two things really puzzled me. I’ve tried to think of a type of user who might find them helpful, but I can’t come up with anything. It’s more difficult/clicks than before, and that just never seems like a move in the right direction.

    I’d like to add one more thing to my post above. Something else I noticed is that the media upload window no longer remembers your image size preference from the settings. For example, on one of my blogs I have the medium size set to 400 pixels. The old window automatically resized any image that I added to a post to the 400 width, unless I specified otherwise. It doesn’t do that anymore. I have to select the medium size now. More of an annoyance than anything, but it is just one more thing to slow me down. 🙁 I agree with what Sapphire said about trying to figure out a user that might find the other changes helpful (the removal of setting a featured image and inserting a post at the same time), but I just can’t. I too appreciate everything the developers are doing, but it’s a bummer having to get into a whole new work flow to adapt to these changes that I didn’t ask for :-/

    I’ve just found something else I’m missing – an option to view a list of URLs rather than (or in addition to) the thumbnails. I can see why the programmers thought this unnecessary – you pick pictures visually, right? Usually, that’s true, but what about when you’ve got extremely similar photos?

    –Six swatches of red paint from different brands.
    –Flower photographed with one camera and then by another for comparison.

    That kind of thing. Today I had eight photos that all looked pretty much alike to the naked eye, so every time I wanted to insert a photo I had to just click one after another to see the URLs until I got to the correct one.

    This is really a pain, and it’s going to happen frequently on one of my sites, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    I completely agree. I don’t need to see every image I’ve ever uploaded. I just need to work with the few for that post, and I need the space allocated in such a manner that I can work, not have some pretty image browser which is useless for me.

    While the discovery that you can drag and drop images into any view on the new Media Manager helps me a bit, I definitely prefer having the workflow default to uploading new images vs. picking from the existing library. The current workflow adds an extra step to every post for my authors.

    I’d love for this to be configurable – that way you can adjust it to your desired workflow.

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