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  • D351R3D


    I try to use the media upload to upload images and like many people it acts like a fool. So I downloaded the upload with zip plugin and it works wonders. So now when I try to make a gallery with WordPress default media upload it acts really really stupid and I don’t like it much. So is there a way that I can possibly revert back to the old media upload because this is quite an annoyance as I have 20+- images to put in the gallery. This current gallery shows the images as huge thumbnails and all of the images I uploaded with the zip are randomly assorted, quite annoying as they used to be ascending and descending. This makes me believe that this is for ignorant people. I’m not going to switch to any other blogging script anytime soon but this is a pain in my ass. It’s really fun not having the option to revert certain things so I then have to use what WordPress thinks is the right way to go about it.

    If anyone has any ideas of how this can be fixed that’d be great because there’s so many expletives I could spout off with at the moment as this is quite stupid. Why WordPress? Why was this the cool thing to do, I don’t want this new simpleton crap. I want the old media uploader.

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