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    When I Add a new post, the “New Media Manager” welcome box appears with text:

    “Uploading files and creating image galleries has a whole new look. Check it out!”

    The DISMISS [x] button simply will not close the box. Others reported this in the 2012 theme forum, but had no resolution.

    Here’s a screen shot of the problem.

    Can anyone tell me how to clear this?

    This was in my Chrome Console errors

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e,t){return new v.fn.init(e,t,n)} has no method ‘curCSS’ jquery.ui.position.js:103
    (anonymous function) jquery.ui.position.js:103
    v.extend.each load-scripts.php:2
    v.fn.v.each load-scripts.php:2
    $.fn.position jquery.ui.position.js:99
    c.widget.reposition load-scripts.php:424
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15
    c.widget._update load-scripts.php:424
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:424
    l load-scripts.php:2
    c.fireWith load-scripts.php:2 load-scripts.php:2
    c.widget.update load-scripts.php:424
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15 load-scripts.php:424
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15
    (anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15
    v.extend.each load-scripts.php:2
    v.fn.v.each load-scripts.php:2
    e.fn.(anonymous function) load-scripts.php:15
    setup post-new.php:1914
    l load-scripts.php:2
    c.fireWith load-scripts.php:2
    v.extend.ready load-scripts.php:2
    A load-scripts.php:2
    Got message from bg page – chrome-extension://pgphcomnlaojlmmcjmiddhdapjpbgeoc/mailto.js:51
    Starting to rewrite mailtos chrome-extension://pgphcomnlaojlmmcjmiddhdapjpbgeoc/mailto.js:25

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  • Ok, I deactivated most of my plug ins, and that cleared it. I didn’t do it one at a time, but I have a hunch the culprit may have been Widget Saver which is responsibly for storing positions. I suspect it wasn’t updated. If you’re using this plug in, try it first.

    I have solved it!
    Go to wp-admin\includes\template.php and delete:

    public static function pointer_wp350_media() {
    		$content  = '<h3>' . __( 'New Media Manager' ) . '</h3>';
    		$content .= '<p>' . __( 'Uploading files and creating image galleries has a whole new look. Check it out!' ) . '</p>';
    		self::print_js( 'wp350_media', '.insert-media', array(
    			'content'  => $content,
    			'position' => array( 'edge' => is_rtl() ? 'right' : 'left', 'align' => 'center' ),
    		) );

    and you dont see it anymore!

    I’m having the same trouble as what you mentioned before, but when I go into wp-admin\includes\template.php I don’t see that bit of code. Is there anything else I can try?

    Than you BeEnvy1 for solving that.
    That block was on 1829, and on line 1839 there is a convenient /* comment start you can drag up to line 1828, save, and you’re done.

    BeEnvy1 — your solution throws a php error when that function is eventually called.

    Does anyone know how to disable the originating call altogether?

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