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  • Thanks for your very useful plugin.

    Sorry to see that the new UI makes things more complicated.

    Old way: Install >> settings >> config >> click save once >> done!
    New way: Install >> settings >> click at least 20 times open/save – open/save >> done.

    What is the advantage of the new UI?
    Is there a way to open all the options at once? Or to see the ‘ugly old’ interface?

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  • Phil


    I’m all for improving and moving things forward, but the new UI does seem a little messy. I can see what they were aiming for, but it doesn’t really make sense for a security plugin with such settings.

    ..actually, I can see why they’ve probably done this πŸ™‚

    Plugin Author Gerroald


    Hey Guys,

    The new UI makes things a lot easier and less overwhelming for the majority of users. We’re sorry that it’s not been a dramatically improved experience for you. A setup wizard that will step through the recommended modules and let you set them up easily one after the other is the very next thing on our list to do.

    The idea behind the new UI is to separate the modules for an easier configuration, and overview. You can quickly scan either view to see which features are enabled/disabled. We’re also hoping the it will help with a little more awareness when configuring it. A lot of the issues we see people run into seems to stem from not recognizing the associated warnings.



    Hi Gerroald,

    I just installed on a new site, turned out to be 19 instead of 1 clicks to config the plugin in my usual way. Apart from that, the content and options to configure were exactly the same… So they were not easier to understand in any way.
    Cutting things up really does not help in my opinion… Good chance if people do not understand one of the options they will also give up on the rest.

    Just eating one slice at a time, in the end you still eat a whole cow πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I hope the change will work for you… (I doubt that it will)

    Can we have the old interface back the new UI just looks like bloat to me. I had no trouble configuring it before. It wasn’t broken. Now it is unusable.


    Who was the dumb who told you it was awesome? If you wanted to provide a global view of what’s on and what’s off you could perfectly have done that by using a list of switches or a service status table or a box with icons in the main screen of the previous interface. And then be able to direct link to the section of interest in the OLD and GOOD Settings screen.

    I second the opinion of the others about the amount of clicks: IT’S ANNOYING. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will not configure properly the security of their sites from now on due to them being unable to see what have been configured and what doesn’t. Why will they be unable to realize? Because people don’t want to click a lot of buttons, it’s Usability 101 guys. Please. Fire that designer and go back to the previous style.

    And to make things worst, the new UI has a heavier RAM usage.
    So, I definitely wouldn’t call it “improvement”. It’s right the opposite guys.

    Seriously, I always recommended this plugin as the more comprehensive and complete and the main tip was “you can setup the best in WP security with-just-one-click”. Well, not anymore sirs. You have screwed your own product.


    i would like to have the old UI back, too !!!
    the new one is horrible in usability
    the old one was just perfect – config in just 1 or 2 minutes possible


    Hey all,
    I agree with others here – this new UI is definitely a step backwards. It demonstrates that the authors don’t understand how their users actually use their software. Rather than scrolling through and configuring everything, reviewing, and then click the save button once… now it’s become a click-fest and difficult to review.

    As someone who configures a lot of WordPress sites, this had been my go-to plugin for years. I realize the underlying security is the same as before but with the new difficulty in configuring/reviewing, I’m afraid I’ll make mistakes (eg forget a section, close the popup accidentally without saving, etc). For this reason, I’m afraid it’s time to finally look at the other security plug-ins out there.

    So disappointing…

    I agree with the others here. Nothing was wrong with the old UI. This WAS my first plugin to install on all client sites – The recent upgrade caused so many issues on all of my client sites – the cleanup process is still going on for me. I will now start looking for an alternative to this plugin, as it has become complicated and time consuming, rather than easier and streamlined. Use to be my BBF, not so much today.

    I totally agree with this thread. Bring the old interface back! Stop complicating things.

    This new UI is absolute garbage. It’s annoying, convoluted, and extremely inconvenient. I used to be able to speed through all settings. Now I have to click several boxes and deal with unnecessary popup windows.

    No, the new UI DOES NOT make things easier. They tried to streamline something that did not need it. Now everyone has to click numerous times and dig through needlessly compartmentalized options just to customize a suite of settings.

    Thank you for the plugin. It’s very useful. Please add the visual file permissions back (with the green, yellow and red). It was very helpful when having to temporarily reduce the level of protection to write to certain files and then quickly re-enable.

    The million clicks I had to perform last night, over 3 1/2 hours, to fix all 34 sites that lost all their settings when I made the mistake of updating my pro version have convinced me that the new interface is a massive step in the wrong direction.

    I tried to set up one and then export settings and import to the other sites, hoping to avoid setting everything on each site, but the import didn’t work.

    I can still barely use my right hand. Fewer clicks PLEASE. It would have helped tremendously if the default of hitting spacebar when on a checkbox worked, but it seems you’ve got that turned off, so I can only choose an option by clicking it with the mouse. Being able to TAB, spacebar my way down the page would have literally saves me hours.



    In my opinion the new UI is a bit overwhelming. Maybe there should be an option to switch between “view all” and “grid”. Then we get the best of both worlds and you track which is most popular πŸ˜‰

    what @phil C said. I liked the old version but if we have to have this new UI please give us a choice.

    To be fair there is now a list view option which suits me better.

    “view your settings in list view by clicking the β€œlist” icon.”



    @jason Even in list mode you still have to click on each tab to view the actual settings. Maybe they just need to add an “expand/collapse all” button though.

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