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  • I’d like to ask folks out there how the new logo is showing up in your browsers. I just want to make sure everything I did is working out as I know people use a variety of computer platforms to view blogs.
    Please use the following link to check it out:

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  • It repeats on my 1280×1024 resolution monitor. I recommend using background-repeat: no-repeat;

    Thanks to MaxT and NuclearMoose for your suggestions. I made the change in my codes and hopefully it will work better. Can you let me know that it worked from your displays’ perspective? It looks the same now in my display as it did before.
    One thing I noticed is that if I have my favorites up in the left hand side of my screen, the posts I have made squoosh to fit the screen but the logo does not. Anything I can do to make that happen with the logo as well?

    When looking at it on a monitor with 800 x 600 resolution, the “g” in blog is chopped off.

    you could change the template so that the div your wump blog image is in appears prior to the div for your menu and content like this:
    w u m p b l o g i m a g e
    menu content
    (hopefully that’ll come out as i’ve typed it)

    I changed one of my monitors to 800×600 and what Anonymous says is not actually correct in that it is not “chopped off” – it is the same image one sees in my first monitor at 1280×1024. You just have the total page width larger than 600px so it only appears lopped off (no bottom scroll bar so to view the rest). I don’t know too many pages now that are that “narrow” anymore anyway.

    That is up to you (I would). Normally a bg image would not be dependent on window size, i.e., a repeating small image. Also the image you are using is really not a bg image as there is nothing “over” it is there? (rhetorical question). If you have the image in the header as opposed to a background in the css, I suspect those with low resolution monitors will be able to see the entire image by scrolling. Also you should set the image as a link to the main blog page.

    I was just looking at a WordPress CSS tutorial but I couldn’t figure out where I could play with page width. I’d like to know just for my own learning and experience with coding. Anyone able to tell me what file I’d have to be altering to tweak the blog width?
    Thanks again to everyone (recently Beel) for your comments. They have really been helpful.

    Thanks for talking me through it a bit more Beel… I’m fairly new to coding and some of the terminology doesn’t get me clickin’ right away until I realize what you’re actually sayin’. I *think* I was able to follow your instructions. Can those who have 800×600 displays see the whole Wump Blog logo now? I’ve been hearing that the “g” or “half of the g” is cut off previously. That is what I’m hoping will be fixed by what I’ve done. This support forum has been so helpful.

    Well that’s weird. I thought I had it all fixed and now it seems I’ve lost my image and I’m just seeing white block letters that spell out the name of the blog. Back to the drawing board to figure out what I did wrong.

    You are close. Rather than deal with it here, visit my site and e-mail me. You have both variable and fixed width issues in your css that we can deal with through e-mail.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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