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  • Hi, I have created a new login page with Elementor, but when I go to the web page I still get the default WP login. How do I reset the URL to the new login page?
    Thanks for any advice.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    If you visit with TML active, you should be redirected to TML’s login page. Is this not happening?

    Hi Jeff –

    I’m having a similar issue, so I’m posting here – not sure if I should start a new thread instead.

    Users are not being directed to TML’s login page when visiting or being redirected to “” Therefore they hit our firewall.

    The main issue here is when users are going through the reset password process.

    Everything is fine if they log in from the tab displaying “”, which they get to after clicking on the reset password link in their email.

    However, if, after resetting their password, they mistakenly try to log in from the original tab (“”), then they are redirected to “”.

    What should I update to correct this? I believe this started happening after I did a TML update a couple of days ago. I recall having the issue once in the past and unfortunately did not record what the fix was. Lesson learned about documentation!

    Thanks for your help.


    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    @maggiez I’m not sure I follow the problem you are having. Is it not redirecting where you’d like?

    That’s correct. When people are logging in from the version of the login page that is generated after they have asked for a password reset email, then they are directed to the backend, instead of the referrer page or the home page, as they should be.

    Since they are being redirected to wp-admin, then they encounter our firewall.

    But this is only happening when they are logging in from “”. It does not happen from the straight login page, nor from “”.


    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    How are you redirecting them to the homepage, in normal cases?

    I’m not doing anything special other than the settings in TML. The “migrated subscriber rule” for redirection upon login is the referrer page.

    Redirection upon login works fine when users follow the normal stream when doing a password reset – if they log in from the login page they are given from the confirmation link in their email, they are fine, and are taken to the home page. If they login during the checkout process (using the PaidMembershipsPro plugin), they are fine, and are taken back to the checkout page.

    The only problem arises when, after doing a password reset, they log in from the page that resulted from clicking the “reset password” link – that page which is then called “”. At that point they are directed to “” instead of the home page.

    I thought the normal default of TML is that any time a non-admin tries to access “” they will be redirected to the front end. To my knowledge we have not altered any code that would be changing the default behavior, so I’m hunting for what needs to be changed so that the normal redirect works when they are (mistakenly, but often) logging in from “”.

    Thanks very much for your help with this, I really appreciate it.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Since you’ve indicated you are using our Redirection extension, you will need to reach out to us using our support form.

    OK thanks, done!

    Hi Jeff – I posted a support ticket yesterday, but since I didn’t receive an email confirmation, I was concerned that it didn’t post correctly, so I created a new support ticket on the issue just now. Thank you.


    Apologies! I did receive an email confirmation, sorry for the duplicate posting in the support forum.

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