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  • I’m finding that the new list I created about an hour ago in Constant Contact is not showing up as an option on the feed page. I see the other lists that were created months/years ago but not the new one.

    Any idea how to get that new one to show up? I tried deleting the feed and the plugin and reinstalling everything. No luck.

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  • Same here… I don’t understand and tried deactivating, uninstalling, and refreshing the data any which way. What in the world? I guess it only grabs the info once every so often, however, there is nothing to let you update manually, which sucks. A little help would be appreciated here.

    I don’t mean to hi-jack someone else’s post, and I understand a busy schedule, but I bet someone could clear this up with just a couple of minutes of their time.

    I apologize if this has already been answered but I searched and couldn’t find anything relevant.

    PHP Version: 7.0
    Wordpress: 4.8.1
    GF Ver: 2.2.5
    GFCC Ver: 3.0

    *Edit: The new list finally did show up after detaching account, removing feeds, uninstalling, patting my head, rubbing my stomach, and jumping three times. Then, I had to reinstall, update the connection, recreate the list feed, and to my surprise it was there. Must be a timing or cache thing. Either way, would love to know what’s going on so I could prevent having to do all this in the future.

    Thanks for the plugin. It really is appreciated!

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