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    I’m finding that the new list I created about an hour ago in Constant Contact is not showing up as an option on the feed page. I see the other lists that were created months/years ago but not the new one.

    Any idea how to get that new one to show up? I tried deleting the feed and the plugin and reinstalling everything. No luck.

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  • Same here… I don’t understand and tried deactivating, uninstalling, and refreshing the data any which way. What in the world? I guess it only grabs the info once every so often, however, there is nothing to let you update manually, which sucks. A little help would be appreciated here.

    I don’t mean to hi-jack someone else’s post, and I understand a busy schedule, but I bet someone could clear this up with just a couple of minutes of their time.

    I apologize if this has already been answered but I searched and couldn’t find anything relevant.

    PHP Version: 7.0
    Wordpress: 4.8.1
    GF Ver: 2.2.5
    GFCC Ver: 3.0

    *Edit: The new list finally did show up after detaching account, removing feeds, uninstalling, patting my head, rubbing my stomach, and jumping three times. Then, I had to reinstall, update the connection, recreate the list feed, and to my surprise it was there. Must be a timing or cache thing. Either way, would love to know what’s going on so I could prevent having to do all this in the future.

    Thanks for the plugin. It really is appreciated!

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    I too was running into this issue. After trying the same troubleshooting steps (uninstalled, deactivating, etc.) and nothing working, I went into the DB and discovered the plugin stores the lists in a transient. So I just deleted them. They are:


    You can probably also find a transient cleaner plugin and do it that way vs. editing the DB.

    Hope the plugin author can add some code to have this done automatically!

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    I’ll be adding a “Refresh Lists” link in the next update. Thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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