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  • KierNet


    Hey, I recently changed my site to use wordpress, and have just made myself a new layout, I wanted something simple and clean, believe I’ve got the design I wanted, but feel its missing a few things that I cant put my finger on at the moment.

    The site is a personal blog mainly, I also plan to use it to keep people updated with my police specials application, as well as useful information for anyone interested in applying. I also used to have a place for my film script ideas while I was at college, however, due to changing my mind about my future (hence the police specials), so might put that back up.

    Just so people are aware, this is the first time I’ve used WordPress in a while, so having to learn all the stuff again.

    What do you like about the site (if anything)
    What dont you like about the site
    What would improve it overall
    What would you change
    Do the colours go together
    Are there any bugs that you can see?

    I know that its not valid yet, and that doesn’t bother me that much at the moment, maybe when I’ve got it sorted completely I’ll start on that.

    Thanks for any replies 🙂

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  • ben_griffith


    Hi KierNet

    Site looks simple, what I personally like.
    The text length is too width. I personally like about 450 -500px.
    The text size is a bit too large. I have 15′ laptop and because of the entry width and text size, I have some problems reading the text.
    However, that’s only my opinion!
    If I click on “Home” after reading (i.e), I get 404 error, because “Home is linked to It should be The same with “Clip of the week”.
    After clicking on the News tag: The distance between 2 entries is too short. Tags and title have got the same size and it’s difficult to know when the new entry begins.
    Hope it helped

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