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  • I just finished a layout for my recently imported blog from MT to WordPress. (spanish)
    Is in a ‘beta’ish state as I know that is not validating at the moment, and the css is really messy, but at least the basics are ready. So, I’m looking for comments about the current state of the layout and how I could clean it up.
    Like a year ago I used b2 until it became a nuissance to update all the hacks evertime a new version was released, now with the plugins feature I was compelled to came back 🙂
    ( Old design, for MT: )

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  • Looks good. Font size in the menu is a tad bit small and I’d give it some padding for some extra “breathing room”. Nice job.

    Do I like that. Gorgeous. IMHO. I always like to see a footer but who cares. Clean, simple, color coordinated. Readable. Original A design triumph. Welcome to WordPress.

    You and your footer fetish Root…
    It’s a good design KyleGM, nice job.

    Clean, simple 🙂 Looks like Blog 😀
    Regards, MaxT

    Well the Root *Footer Fetish* campaign is designed to help. Footers are closely related to positioning issues generally. If you post a specific question we can try and help with the layout.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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