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    I am trying to create an alternative wp_authenticate that sends info via XML-RPC if the user doesn’t exist. I’ve successfully made an alternate form that can do this, from an alternate file, but I’m running into a wall when trying to create a new IXR_Client from within the alternate wp_authenticate function.

    The function breaks after the line where I create a new IXR_Client. Any ideas why this might be happening?

    function wp_authenticate($username, $password) {
    	$username = sanitize_user($username);
    	$password = trim($password);
    	$user = apply_filters('authenticate', null, $username, $password);
    	if ( $user == null ) {
    		// TODO what should the error message be? (Or would these even happen?)
    		// Only needed if all authentication handlers fail to return anything.
    		$user = new WP_Error('authentication_failed', __('<strong>ERROR</strong>: Invalid username or incorrect password.'));
    	$ignore_codes = array('empty_username', 'empty_password');
    	if (is_wp_error($user) && !in_array($user->get_error_code(), $ignore_codes) ) {
    		do_action('wp_login_failed', $username);
    	if (is_wp_error($user)){
    			$url = '');
    			$client = new IXR_Client($url);
    	return $user;
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