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  • Have been using this plugin for 2 years now and love it. But recently found that when I add a new item it does not show up in the library.

    I checked the database and the item does go into the database but does not show up in the library list. Makes it difficult to edit.

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  • Hello charloub, can you share with us what has changed lately? Did you update the theme, a plugin or added a new plugin?

    Kind regards

    I have not updated the theme,(it is based on an old version of Pagelines) nor added any new plugins. But I have updated to the latest WP and various plugins as updates have come in.

    For plugins I have contact form7, NextGen, Google site maps, wp-optimize,
    really-simple-caphta and wp-protect. Non of these are new – just updated.

    Hi charloub, thank you for the information.

    Can you deactivate just the plugins you updated. And then test to see if you can add another item. If that works then we know there is a conflict with one of the plugins you updated. Then you activate one bye one the plugins you deactivated and test each time you activate one and add an item.

    If the above does does not work can you read though the following URL and focus on point 24.

    If you have any cache plugin can you delete the cache. Also empty the cache in your browser.

    Kind regards

    Hey Charloub:

    I’m getting the hang of catablog and I found that if I have catagorized all my existing photos and then upload new ones they are listed as uncatagorized. When you go into Library, there is a drop down at the top that says All Catagories. Click that and click “Uncatagorized” That brings up all the new photos for me.

    Then I can click the ones I want to edit.

    Hope that helps.

    Its happened with me too! With My old website

    Hi @charloub have you resolved your issue?

    @felipesp can you start a new support thread please.

    Kind regards

    I have got any new items showing in the library – but there a couple of older items that are still not showing. I am going to ask my client just to repost if there are not too many.

    Thank you.

    Thank you @charloub for letting me know. I will wait for your reply to this issue 🙂

    Hopefully it can be resolved.

    Kind regards

    mbrsolution – thank you for getting back with me. It has boiled down to the two views in the library.

    All items show in the “grid” view of the library but not all items show in the “list” view.

    I am afraid I don’t know enough about PHP to understand why – and then fix this.

    Any hints would be so gratefully appreciated. Have a very frustrated older client.

    Hi charloub, okay so at the present it is only the list view that is causing some problems.

    Can you let me know how many items your have in the library? Can you provide a list of items that are not displayed in the list view?

    Can you also provide the URL to the website.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for responding.

    Website is:

    Library in list view show items up to #363 (200c Louise Rose)

    Missing items shown in the grid view is:
    # 364, 381 and 366

    Maker Unk – Bowl Plate – Bulldog
    Victorian 1c
    Whann Water

    Hi charloub, can you read this tutorial and concentrate on part 24. Perform the following.

    1) Rescan Original Image Folder.
    2) Regenerate Images.

    You also mentioned the following

    I have not updated the theme,(it is based on an old version of Pagelines)

    Is there a new or updated theme version available?

    Lets see what happens.

    I switched themes to see if that was the problem but it didn’t change the list view issue.

    When I tried to regenerate the thumbnails – it stalls out on # 24 of 2268.

    Not sure how to correct that.

    Hi charloub how much memory do you have allocated for your WordPress website?

    Had the host up to 164 for memory – the max they allow. Regenerating stops at 26%.

    Did try a separate plugin to regenerate – but that had no effect on the “view” vrs “grid” differences in the library.

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