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    Just updated to Akismet 2.6 and done a scan and Wordfence is showing 5 risks
    WordPress core file modified: wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.php
    WordPress core file modified: wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.js
    WordPress core file modified: wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.css
    WordPress core file modified: wp-content/plugins/akismet/admin.php
    WordPress core file modified: wp-content/plugins/akismet/readme.txt
    Is this juts because it is a major update of the plugin or should I be looking for something else

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  • Plugin Author Wordfence


    Looks like this is a recent release and our repo mirror is catching up. We’ve kicked off a priority job to speed this up so please try again in a couple of hours.



    Great service. Thank you

    Mark thanks very much for the quick response.

    Just FYI, for some reason the repo mirror has still not caught up, but glad to know this is nothing to worry about for now.

    Just posted on another thread – no update available yet.

    I was just notified of this same thing via Wordfense. Is there nothing to worry about then?

    I’m not sure if this issue belongs here or not.

    Yesterday, my dashboard showed that I needed to install some updates. I started at the top and Akismet 2.6.0 was the first one on the list. I clicked on ‘Update Now’ and when I tried to go back to the ‘Plugin’ page, the screen goes blank. I did the same thing on a second website and the same thing happened. Any suggestions? I don’t know anything about Wordfence.

    Websites: Twenty Eleven Theme Twenty Twelve Theme

    I do not use Akismet on either site, I left it on my plugin list because I thought someday I might need to install it. I have updated it before and haven’t had any issues.

    Please let me know how I can fix this problem. I can still update pages and events but cannot pull up my ‘Plugin’ page.


    Mark FYI – Wordfence is still giving a false positive for these Akismet 2.6 files. Just ran an updated scan on one of my sites and shows files are are not current.

    Never mind the support ticket. I should have come here first.

    Plugin Author Wordfence


    Hi Folks,

    We’re working on getting this fixed now. Turns out that the WordPress repository has grown beyond 32,000 plugins and that has caused an issue on our ext3 filesystems and stalled plugin updates. We’re busy doing an upgrade which will fix this right now, which is why we have down-time scheduled for the next 3 hours. Shouldn’t take that long. We’ll have an update soon. Opening this back up as unresolved until we’re done.



    UnGlove – Doug


    I just want to throw out some love. I just did the updates and then went looking for answers. Didn’t take long to find them. Thank you for such a great plugin and Fantastic communications. I have it installed on all my sites.

    If I can tout my favorite feature of this plugin I have to say it’s the fact that every time I get ‘admin’ login user attempt. (I’ve obviously created a non-admin admin account and deleted the admin)

    It’s so simple really. An email when someone get’s locked out for multiple login attempts.

    Thank you again and I’m confident you’ll get it taken care of.

    Getting an email when someone gets locked out became an issue for me. Especially one day when my site was being hammered by a brute force dictionary attack from multiple IP addresses. I unchecked that box.

    I did however choose to continue emails when people tried to logon to a nonexistent account. The other day even that became annoying. Rather than uncheck that box too I decided to try putting a roadblock in the way of those pesky bots.

    I added a Google Authenticator app. The bots don’t know what to make of having third box to fill out. These days 2 factor authentication is a must on administrator accounts anyway.

    Wordfence finding issues with several akismet files. Any updates on this yet? Meanwhile, should I update all wordpress sites or wait until this issue is resolved?

    Plugin Author Wordfence


    Hi all,

    Posting a belated update on this. Clearly we sorted out the Akismet issues some time ago. During the last week since this happened we’ve been working hard to upgrade our systems and that upgrade is now almost complete. The plugin scanning portion of our infrastructure has been upgraded to a brand new beefy distributed storage system with 8 additional CPU cores thrown in to speed up plugin hashing. That was the biggest task. Did you know that as of right this minute WordPress has 42054 plugins in the official repository comprising over 350 gigabytes of data?

    We’re busy completing the migration of our theme and core mirrors to the new system and that will be done within 48 hours. However, this is not critical because we haven’t had any performance issues in those areas. There also won’t be any down-time as we complete this task.

    So as of right now all systems are green and have been since we resolved the original issue just under a week ago.



    I got an email 5 minutes ago, saying:

    Alert generated at Wednesday 3rd of September 2014 at 04:59:27 AM


    * Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/akismet/readme.txt

    Is it the same repo mirror confusion? Or should I run for the hills? I dont like hills.

    Plugin Author WFSupport


    I prefer bunkers personally. Less climbing and better lockdown capability 🙂

    I’ve escalated an issue to Mark about something that might be the cause. I’ll let you know what I hear.


    ps also, can you put this in its own case? I appreciate that you were trying to add to an existing discussion, but this issue was resolved for this thread and I don’t want the problem to get missed.

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